Bass Turds River Sighting

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by gabe0430, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. I heard about your run in. Nice fish. Oh thanks for inviting me out there. pfft
  2. Noice slimer, thats a bigger one
  3. The hump meat is the best part! Ha ha
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  4. you havent seen a chum yet
  5. Chums are beautiful..... in their own way.
  6. yah for the fight, aesthetically i think a turd after eating corn the night before looks more appealing

  7. Ever caught a bright one? A fresh, salt caught chum with its stripes barely showing is a bad ass fish.
  8. Wow dude really.
  9. i have not unfortunately, all mine been mid colored to nasty purple/green
  10. Ya, they are definitely nasty when they get up into the rivers. Last year I got into a pod of smaller, 4-7lbish, bright fish in an estuary. Had a great couple hours catching those fiesty little buggers till they moved on.
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  11. Mmmmm chum salmon the other white meat.
  12. Unfortunate moniker... I was hesitant about opening this thread :) . The reason chum look so ratty is that they... for some reason... wait until they are almost dead before they head in to spawn. I'm not sure why but when I caught this one, we found ourselves in the middle of a run of bright chum near the end of the season. Guess they didn't have time to hang around in the Ocean.

    What they don't have in looks they make up in fight. least the ones I've caught.

    This one was as bright as any I've caught.

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  13. Nick,
    Chrome chums suck....;)
    When the estuaries are blown due to the creeks puking trees and mud, time to hit the river high water spots with the gear rod.
    This one isn't really very bright. :D
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  14. none of my chums have look like those,
  15. You need to invest in Photoshop program... you can fix anything, even ratty salmon :D

    Seriously, the majority of chum I catch are butt-ugly. That one was certainly not the norm.
  16. They are called dog salmon for a reason
  17. Yeah, chums suck. They are ugly, they stink, they don't taste very good, and they fight like a piece of driftwood. No reason for anyone to go fish for them. May as well just stay home.
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  18. Went to the nushagak river this year. Swung flies to a bazzilion chums. All chrome bright. It was hard to tell if they were Sokeye. You had to hold them in the light just right to tell for sure. The meet looked like a springer

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