Batson IF905

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  1. So it was time for me to build my other half a rod that she would be proud to fish. She wanted me to keep it blue so I went with baby blue and grey wraps. Great action all around trout rod :)

    Blank: Batson IF905
    Reel seat: Forecast "I" seat
    Stripper: Alps MXN
    Snake Guides: Forecast standard wire
    Cork: I had a "Super Grade" pre made batson cork set laying around to I tossed it on this build
    Thread: Gudebrod NCP 245 "Royal Blue" main Prowrap CFS 822 "Silver Smoke"

    DSCN1883.JPG DSCN1886.JPG DSCN1887.JPG
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  2. Beautiful as always Matt.
  3. Nice job on the wraps and finish. great work. Thanks for posting, not many new builds for a while.
  4. Thanks guys
    More people posting would be a good thing. It is always nice to see other peoples builds
  5. Love it!!
    Is there a trick or method to how you get those beautiful epoxy edges like that? Do you use a brush or spatula type tool for application? And one more question did you use the color lock stuff to keep the blue so bright?
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  6. That is an absolutely beautiful build! Batson makes some top notch components that's for sure. I am looking forward to a fly rod built on their RX8 or REVELATION blank. Digging the NRX-ish looking wraps!
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  7. nice match to the blue drag wheel, expertly done as always - good choice of trim color
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  8. I was wondering about the color lock also - great work and awesome writing!
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  9. I am really like Pro wraps Color Fast "CFS" thread. Out of all the colors that I have tried I have found all of them stay true to the color and have never had any issues with the color bleeding. I wish I could write like that but this build I went to Charlie @ tightline custom rods for his peel n stick metallic label. I can and have done rod specs but when it comes to letters I would be better off giving my 6year old son a crayon to label it with.
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