Bayley and McDowell closed

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by IveofIone, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. I was wondering about this. I wanted to fish potters pond before the season closes. Hopefully the government figures out what the hell they are doing before then.
  2. Well said Ive. Another brick in the wall. I think I'll write our representative, CMR, who stands behind Mr. Boehner all the time, again. I'm expecting a drone strike from the last one.
  3. Sorry you don't have access to those waters as I don't have access to mine.
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  4. Do I still have to get the federal taxs pulled out of my pay check this week even thou there are no federal sevices in operation ??
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  5. alot boatlaunches on the columbia are barricaded
  6. I am not very political but this is starting to irritate me. It is a joke really....a rediculous joke.
  7. Hmm... I don't remember things like boat launches, parks (that you could just drive in, with no gates) or lakes being closed the last few government shutdowns we had before. Someone seems to be taking it a bit too far to me.

    Takes more effort to barricade a boat launch, rather than just let it be, unless there's a maned gate or something.

    But hey, what else should we expect these days... Time to move to New Zealand.
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  8. When the newt triggered the last government shutdown, I was visiting family in Boston and the road to Plum Island National Wildlife Refuge was closed. I drove two hours to do some birding and had to turn around.

  9. Steve, I think that's a managed wildlife reserve isn't it? So unfortunately, I think parks like that will be shut down.

    I just think it's going a bit too far, when they put barricades in front of un managed, unmanned boat launches or turnouts in the roads that require absolutely no supervision and/or managing.

    Take for instance the Washington Monument Mall. It is closed, but they had several hundred workers set up grand stands for the Immigration rally (most of which are illegal aliens according to NBC), yet we couldn't have one person (it only takes one) to be in attendance for the WWII monument.

    The Greatest generation (war vets) couldn't just look at the monument, yet we go out of our way to pander to people that are here illegally.

    Just seems like a double standard doesn't it? If it's closed, it's closed. If you are going to make exceptions people here illegally, then make them for men who fought for this country.
  10. In a lot of these areas I could see a sign that says "This area unpatrolled until further notice," But shutting us out of our own property? I thought we, the citizens of the USA owned that land. Somebody is gettin' a little too big for their britches...
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  11. A couple of friends went up there last Friday planning to camp & fish and found it closed. Screwed up a nice weekend.
    Another friend from Chewelah went to Little Twin, also in that neck of the woods, and found the access barricaded as well.
    It's a Colville National Forest site so makes me wonder about others. There's probably going to be a lot of PO'd hunters this
    weekend if things are locked up.
    I should have posted something and hope you didn't make the trip in vain.
  12. This is going to be one of the best years in a long time for the hardcore hunters.
  13. Fortunately I didn't make the trip. I need some things in Colville and had the bright idea to head over at dawn on Friday and fish Bayley until about noon then go into town and do my shopping. But I Googled Little Pend Oreille Wildlife Refuge first and the header at the top of the page informed me that it was closed.

    After WWII we were the darlings of the world after leading the fight against the evil Japs and Jerries. We told the world to follow our example and we will lead you to a new age of peace and prosperity and our government is a model of how to govern democratically. Look at us now. Example 'A' for How Dumb Shits Rule.:mad:

  14. The administration has made a point of making a big show of the "pain". It's all about proving their side of the argument. But the congressional gym and pool are still's another case of the privileged few at the top pissing on the rest of us.
    Next week I will have access to National Forest from the property even if the main road is blocked, to hell with them. Besides it will take about 5 minutes for the folks up there to tear down and burn any barricade.
    Of course the Mall was open to all the illegal piss-panics for their bid at free citizenship. Y'all better brush up on your spanish...adios amigos...
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  15. "A man never stoops so low as when he stands up for public office."
    "Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct."

    Thomas Jefferson
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  16. Back in '95 I was unable to hunt some of my favorite refuges as they were all closed during the Newt shutdown. The closing of federal property is not a new phenomenon during a shutdown.

    I know there are many who think "well since it's public property we should all have access."

    During the last shutdown there were many examples of trespassing, vandalism and destruction of public property. Many of the Neanderthals of the world think "well since the govt is shutdown there are no rules so we can do what we want!!!"

    The same idiots who do "smash and grabs" of our valuable fishing equipment in the parking lot don't disappear during a shutdown.

    These closures are for protection and hopefully we as fisherman can understand why this is important.
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  17. I can understand that this might be for protection of our resources but also understand it is about our government giving us the lube job (lube not used) to make us know just how important they really are. Our government hasn't earned anything other than my disdain for them and the power that we've allowed them to now possess. Power over any and all actions that a free people should not be putting in our governments hands.

    How many locked gates have you seen where trash is just dumped at the gate? How many times have you seen garbage dumped just inside a locked gate? Same. This won't change that. Dirtbags are going to be dirtbags no matter what the state of our government. The only people who are being penalized during this shutdown are people like you and me who would like access to areas but can't have it because the ruling class needs us to know who runs our lives. I can't see it any other way.
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  18. Yeah, and if you're over here in my neck of the woods and want to go fish a lake or river or a enjoy a hiking trail in the Olympic National Park you'd better put your plans on hold:

    In the past, politically, I've always been right of center but the current major-party partisanship makes libertarianism look more attractive!!

    Hmmmm.......Ecotopia, anyone?

    Am I kidding?

    I'm not so sure anymore!!! :confused:
  19. Was it the boat launch at the campground?? All the National Forest roads are open around my cabin on the Wenatchee.

    Wonder if the COE lands on the Snake are closed as well?

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