BC Memorial Day Weekend Report

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    We spent a long Memorial Day weekend up in BC. Got south of Merritt on Thurs afternoon to hit a favorite small special reg lake in the Kane Valley. Started putting the toons together and rigging the rods when I realized...doh!....I forgot the waders. Bone-headed move given I spent the entire week before re-rigging 4 reels with new lines and getting all the flys and toons in order. So, I headed into Merritt and found some cheap Nylon/PVC waders at Canadian Tire (the Walmart/Kmart/Fred Meyers of BC...only nicer). Back at the lake by 3:00 and not much of a hatch. Thunderstorms were brewing. Despite the lack of a hatch, we tied on my favorite chronomid pattern (size 12 black snowcone with red rib). After about 20 minutes the bobber went under and my wife Pam was into a nice one:


    I got one 10 minutes later, and then the thunder was rumbling loud, so we headed in just before it let loose. Continued up to Kamloops/Sun Peaks area for lodging.

    Friday we woke to dry conditions so hit a small lake near Sun Peaks in the morning and got 5 each after a couple of hours, and then back to the resort for lunch. Again the chrono was the ticket but there was a good mayfly hatch, so in hindsight I should have switched to a nymph. Rain came down heavy in the afternoon so we stayed dry and focused on beverage consumption vs fishing. The fish we did catch were very colorful that morning:


    Saturday and Sunday we went to a different lake back towards Kamloops. Fishing was HOT. Got lots of 14-16" silver bullets with great aerobatics; the biggest being 18". Same black/red snowcone, but switched to a ruby throated leech just for variety. This was the typical fish:



    Saw mama and baby on the way back (sorry about the crummy iphone pic):


    We got up north before the bridge collapse, but had to take the detour on the way back. Traffic was light on Monday on N I-5, but it was still 45 minutes to get around the detour on Riverside Dr. Must be hell for the locals since there is a Costco right at the detour. Border crossing at Sumas was 30 minutes as they were doing bomb checks on all cars using a big German Shepherd. All and all a good trip but not as many fish as normal....most likely due to the weather. I love BC and I can't wait for the next trip. Heading back in late June for a week west of Little Fort in the camper; hopefully we'll catch a Traveling Sedge hatch.

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    Very nice report. I used to go up every memorial weekend. Good times
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    Very nice. Love that area.
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    A perfect report. Thank you !
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    Great Report. What kind of raft is your wife fishing from?
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    very nice! that dark fish in the net in the second pic is absolutely beautiful.