FS Beach lines: WF10I Cortland 555, WF8I Airflo Velocity, WF7F 40+ Extreme

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  1. Cleaning out some spare intermediate lines that work on beaches and also in low-water (ie. spooky fish) rivers, and a long-distance casting floating line. All are in excellent shape with only a few outings and include boxes and spools. Will ship lines in the lower 48 for an additional $5 (includes paypal fees).

    WF7F Airflo 40+ Extreme distance. Dense, 44ft head casts like an 8wt line and works well on 10ft 7wt and 9ft 8wt rods. Great line for those who want more distance without the drawbacks of some of the extremly short head lines out now (i.e. Outbound short). Also mends well if you still have some of the head in the rod. I have used this for pinks off beaches and rivers. $20

    WF8I Airflo Velocity clear intermediate. Throws small flies on beach (ie. crazy charlie, shrimp patterns) just fine. Also a good line for summer coho and low-water salmon because doesn't spook fish. Would be a good line for pink fishing with a 6/7wt switch, fast-action or 10ft 7wt, or typical 8wt rod (I've tried it on all three). $15

    WF10I Cortland 555 Little Tunny Rocket taper intermediate cold water line. Translucent-green "clear camo" color, throws big flies no problem, similar head to Airflo 40+. Worked well with my 8/9wt switch and 10wt single-hander. Great line for throwing flies at kings in estuaries or low-water rivers. $25
  2. Ill take the 40+, PM sent
  3. I'll take the 10wt Cortland.
  4. PM's replied, sales pending on 40+ and Cortland 10wt lines.
  5. Velocity Intermediate if not taken.
  6. Velocity is yours, I just sent you a message with payment info.
  7. Thanks man you werent kidding on getting it out quick :D

    That airflow 40 makes an old Sage Graphite III rod I have into a rocket launcher!
  8. all lines sold and paid for, thanks guys and tight lines!
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