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  1. Received ansas' and nailbender's. They look real nice, gents.
  2. Sent them yesterday.
  3. Making progress. I've been a bit under the weather so I'm not done yet.
  4. Received WABOWMAN's flies this last Friday. Been working on mine and they are almost ready.
  5. Mine are in the mail soon as I can get the the PO.
    I deviated.
  6. I finally sat down to do the good work of sharing. I got a bit carried away. Mine are boxed for you Mayfly Aviator, and will be headed east in the morning's mail. They should arrive before the end of the week.
  7. Ed, What did you "knot up" for us this time? I always enjoy your bugs, my fake plastic fish love them!:)
  8. Beady Swap - Close to the end

    I've posted photos and pattern information in the past and again today. Here are the two bead heads and some information about the materials.:hmmm:


    Hook: Ring eye 14 16 18 hook. Mustad in this case.
    Head: Black Bead appropriate for hook.
    Thorax: Superfine March Brown dubbing picked out slightly
    Body: Orange floss. Rayon in this case
    Rib: Fine Copper wire.
    Tails: Long 1.5x to 2x the length of the hook. Coq de Leon

    The CDL material lights up like Polar Bear and is resilient springing back after deflection. The fly fishes well dead drifted and also when manipulated. I have good results using a Lisenring Lift presentation.

    "No Name" (I think there is an ? established pattern with this moniker....this is NOT that fly)

    Hook: TDE Std or 1LX 12,14
    Head: Pearl Bead slightly larger than normal ~2x
    Thorax: Black Superfine larger than normal ~2x
    Body: 3/0 brown Kevlar thread. Heavily weighted with fine lead wire.
    Wing: Coq de Leon
    Tail: Coq de Leon

    OK. This thing looks like it has funny proportions and it does. Think of it as if the hook gap is actually the center of the fly's body. It works well in faster water like pocket water, riffles, and deeper runs because of the extra weight it gets down quickly. It also works well manipulated like a mini-streamer. Just remember how small it really is when you start bouncing and jerking it around....tiny twitches. The CDL once again helps it have life.
  9. Scott, I have been under the weather and really slacking of late. I did not get very creative, but hope that some of what I offered is of interest. Guess you'll have to wait and see. The bugs I sent are ones that I've actually caught fish on (but don't let that secret slip, I have a reputation of a fishless fool to maintain).
  10. Hope you get to feeling better soon Ed. This spring we should drown a few of our creations and scare the fish onto our lines. Looking forward to swimming your flies, mine are more the moving water type. I didn't get much fishin' time last year, gonna try and make that up starting this spring.
  11. My offerings have proven successful in the local blue ribbon irrigation system. Some as the lead fly on point, some as the backup sweeper.
  12. Sounds good Ed.
    I usually pick my patterns out of the bottom of the "free" box at garage sales. I was cleaning out the filter on my shop vac today and found some "stuff" that might make decent dubbing. It actually looks like some of the dubbing I've paid good money for...hmm.

    Where's our swapmiester? Update please.
  13. Hey All -

    Sorry I've been up steelheading and returned late Saturday night. We're still waiting on one set but that should be here today I'd think. Once we have them all I'll post up pics and send them out.

  14. Alright - All flies are in and photographed. Chris is creating a gallery for me to upload them and I'll ship out this Wednesday.

    Thanks for a good swap, you should all be looking forward to these patterns, some cool stuff was wrapped for it by y'all. Special thanks to Ed for his 4 fly per person contribution!

  15. Them's some nice bugs ya'll!
  16. Flies shipped. I made a rookie host mistake and asked for 16 flies for 8 tyers, should have been 14 so I divied up the extras and distributed them randomly.
  17. No mistake boss, everybody does that. The extra flies are yours!
  18. Good day at the mailbox.Got 2 swaps back today.What a contrast.Beadys and Intruders.I don't think you can get farther apart than that.All look great guys.Over the top Mumbles.

    Thanks MA

  19. Mayfly,THANK YOU for hosting the swap!All the flies look great.Mumbles you must not have a job with all the extra time to tie!Thank you all!

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