Beautiful day in MA 11

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  1. Just got back from a very chill session in MA 11. The weather was amazingly calm and mild, plenty of wildlife from a scary Bull Sea Lion that hovered near and sounded like a steam train to a massive 2 foot diameter Jellyfish and a few scrappy Cutthroat. Tons of salad and misc floating debris near the shore made of a rough time for SRC's so I went out aways and started casting/trolling for some Salmon and lo and behold something nailed my little Clouser. It bent my 8wt near double and stripped a bunch of line off just before making a leap that looked and sounded like a small child doing a cannonball. One more run and it bent my hook enough to pull it out [​IMG]. Bummer but hella exciting!
    I will replay this event in my mind for some time.
    Going to tie up some more tonight on beefier hooks.
    Would have been my first large Salmon on the fly, but plenty exciting nonetheless. :)
    Get out there and have some fun guys!



  2. Try to Tie that fly with a stinger. It won't straighten then. I've been in 11 also and it has actually picked up a bit. But I have been targeting these beautiful fish and the silvers have been a nice bonus. image.jpg
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  3. nice fish, it almost has a rainbow/steelhead look instead of a shiny cutty like you would usually find in 11, this time of year. but i'm no good at identifying those damn things anyway. so much variation in the species.
  4. The colors are amazing. Here is another nearly identical fish I got a few days ago. I got it on video but it will give away where I was fishing because there is a big bridge in the back ground. image.jpg
  5. Amazing indeed
  6. Tying a few up with some burlier hooks, but I like the stinger tip, I will bust a few of those as well. I run the thinner hooks ( SS 15 and SC 15) for SRC's to minimise damage, but obviously those hooks are not designed for freight trains :)
  7. Awesome post! I got a kayak from the GH fly shop last year and it is sure a game changer in terms of access
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  8. Got mine there too last June and yes its really opens up some new water and a refreshing viewpoint, as long as the Bull Sea Lions stay away :)
  9. Nice report Dave !!! Great photos too... Thanks
  10. Went out the last two days in area 11. Pretty slow over all. I am targeting SRC which was pretty good the last few weeks but with the weather all nasty it has slowed. Today with white caps and junk it started slow. Got a small cut then switch to the fly in the photo below incase I come across a silver or two. 5 minutes later, I cast out, take off my glasses and look down the beach. Start to strip and had this little lady on before I started stripping. She must have hit it on the sink. Never had that happen before. It had an extra fin so I was going to kicker her lose but the hook was way back and she way bleeding. To end this, overall it is still slow but got tomorrows diner. image.jpg image.jpg
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  11. Nice work!

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