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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Tyler Speir, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Tyler Speir Artist

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    It's been a while sense I posted up a rod so go easy on me. This is a 9' 7wt black american tackle Matrix blank. I took some pictures from start to finish. Hope you like it.

    IMAG0537.jpg IMAG0538.jpg IMAG0542.jpg IMAG0559.jpg IMAG0606.jpg IMAG0610.jpg IMAG0631.jpg IMAG0636.jpg IMAG0646.jpg IMAG0642.jpg IMAG0648.jpg
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  2. Big E Moderator

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    Sweet....nice inlay work!
  3. Yellowhumpy New Member

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    Wow...nice feather work, wraps and finish...beautiful rod!
  4. Matthew LeBret Active Member

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    As always your inlays are top notch. Great looking build
  5. LD Active Member

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    Very nice.
  6. Mike Ediger Active Member

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    Always been a fan Tyler! Well done!
  7. Tyler Speir Artist

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    Thanks guys, I just shipped the rod out today to a guy in Toronto Canada. He does a lot of streamer fishing for larger trout, 5-8 pound...... I should have traded for a trip....
  8. crookedneck New Member

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    Great looking build!