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    I'm not sure if there is interest in this, but I'll throw it out for feedback and possible sign ups. If this comes together, it would be Sunday, June 2. (Face to face ELIMINATED, unless there is real interest.) I've had a little luck with using beetles a few times, but haven't used them a lot. Seems like there might be some fun patterns to tie up. If we go with this, I may fudge and tie up a waterboatman pattern. Not sure if that exactly passes the test of a beetle tho! I think this is a chance to be a little innovative, which, I am not! I think one dozen sign-ups max. Any takers? These are dry fly ties of course!!


    1. zen leecher aka bill w---RECEIVED
    2. Richard Torres---RECEIVED
    3. Kelvin---RECEIVED
    4. dryflylarry---DONE
    5. Bonsai (Jerry)---RECEIVED
    6. Mayfly Aviator---RECEIVED
    7. bjornjon---RECEIVED
    8. atomic dog---RECEIVED
    9. Travis Bille---RECEIVED
    10. Pat Lat---RECEIVED
    11. Gary Knowels---RECEIVED
    12. dfl-------RECEIVED
  2. Well, doesn't seem to be any interest, so I may drop this for now.
  3. Well, I suppose I could let it ride. I guess I lost my patience in my old age. I noticed there doesn't seem to be that many swaps going on, or am I dreaming?
  4. I could be a member of this swap. Have you ever seen a beetle done with glo bug yarn? Could be called a "cheezy bug".
  5. I'll give it a shot Larry. There are some amazing patterns out there to try.
  6. Well, ok guys, if Kelvin joins, that would be 4 of us. Hopefully more will sign up. And Zen, I could go for a "Cheezy Beetle" fly! I'll start a list of guys then, and see where this goes.
  7. I'll see what I have to do to make the beetle float.
  8. Larry, to soon to let it drop. I am in if you keep it going. I would like to see a face to face swap. I think it adds something to a swap to get together with other people and share a beer or maybe a burger.
  9. Ok Jerry, I'll add your name to the list. The Face to Face could still be a possibility.
  10. If it's face to face I guess everyone will make a pilgrimage to Rocky Ford.
  11. Agreed
  12. Larry,

    I like it, I'm in if you'll have me.


  13. I'd like to participate as well. It's been a while since I've done a swap.
  14. Ok, we have 7 people so far!
  15. If you don't mind a submission from a mediocre (at best) tier, I'll throw my hat into the ring. No idea what I will tie, but I'll come up with something.
  16. Ok. You're in! Thanks.
  17. You know what, I'm in!
  18. Gotcha!
  19. In if there's still space

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