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  1. I received yours in the mail this afternoon. These are nice bugs! They are all nice bugs...excuse me, beetles. I also received Pat Lats, MayflyAviator, and bjornjons. Nice job you guys! Unless I am blind, I don't think I have received Gary Knowels yet. I went fishing today, and I may be somewhat busy tomorrow. I intend to take photos, so not sure if I will be able to get them in the mail until Tuesday. My mail arrives at my mailbox late in the afternoons at 3-3:30PM, so I don't expect Gary's until then.
    So, I went fishing today, and of course, I had to try a beetle. I had tied up 4 beetles that I did not use in the swap, so I thought I would give it a try. It was a simple beetle, but I didn't like the way it looked, so I didn't use it in the swap. It was supposed to imitate what is called a Spotted Tiger Beetle. I may post this poor tie later on. Anyway, first cast with a fly that had never been tried....Bingo! Fish on!
    I proceeded to catch 6 trout on it today. They were'n't large trout, but small native cutthroats only in the 10-12 inch range. But, what the heck, it was fun! I will post the "Tiger Beetle" later.
  2. Mine went out yesterday, I hope they got there today, the post office said probably today, but maybe maybe.

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  3. Don't worry Gary. It's absolutely no problem. I have plenty to do if I am going to attempt photos.
  4. [QUOTE I will post the "Tiger Beetle" later][/QUOTE]
    Post it hell, send me one.
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  5. Hello All. I have everyone's beetles! I went fishing today, so I did NOT get them in the mail. However, I did get closeup photos of all of them, and they will be posted in the Swap Gallery soon. I WILL be putting all of them in the mail tomorrow (Wednesday), so you should have them before the weekend. They are all very kool! I will be sorting and "divi'ing them up tonight. Thank you everyone for participating and any bonus flies you may have passed along! These are all "fish getters".
  6. Post it hell, send me one.[/quote]

    dfl-This is the "Tiger Beetle" that I decided against, as it didn't come out too well, or durable, but, it caught fish! Tiger Beetle.jpg
  7. Don't ya love flies that work.
  8. UPDATE!! AS OF Wednesday 1:00 PM..................


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  9. Got my flies hand delivered. Dryfly Larry and I belong to the same fly fishing club and we had our meeting tonight . The flies look great and I am looking forward to trying them. But first I want to try to tie up some duplicates or at least find the recipes in the books or on the net. Thanks Larry.
  10. I'm excited to see em!
  11. I have photos of all the beetles, but Chris Scoones is out of town, so he hasn't been around to post the Category so I can't load photos to the Gallery. Sorry Pals.
  12. How many flies did you want for the swap?
  13. What do you mean Zen? 12 tiers, 11 flies for everyone not counting yourself.
  14. I noticed folks added materials lists to their toe tags and I didn't do that. Here are the instructions for the CDC beetle if you're interested.

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  15. What I've done on my swaps is 12 tyers - 12 flies. It makes things lots easier sorting out flies and repackaging things to send them back. ;)
  16. I guess I'm confused Zen. I already got your flies and sent them out to everyone. I noticed you may be in a lot of swaps. Maybe you forgot that you already tied for this swap? Did you receive your beetles in the mail yet? Did you want your bug back that you tied? I guess I understand and agree it would be easier to sort. Most people send in 11 flies in the past swaps I have done.
  17. It's a future tip for a future senior citizen. :)

    I ran a 16 fly swap and found sorting the flies out a chore and can only think it would have been harder with 15 flies per swapper.

    Beetles came on Saturday, a bunch of very nice beetles. Thanks Larry for honcho'ing the swap.

  18. That's a great beetle!!!!!
  19. Got mine today! These are great great bugs, gents!
  20. Hopefully everyone got their beetles in the mail...

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