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  1. OK. All the photos are loaded to the photo Gallery. I did the best I could with the photos. If I missed someone, let me know. Oh whoops! I see I missed Zens. I'll get it on there in a bit. Sorry Zen.
  2. BEETLE USE UPDATE 6/17--- I got out yesterday on Father's Day (my son is out of country) and fished at Gibbs Lake up near Chimacum. Slow fishing, nothing rising all afternoon, until, I put on a beetle. I first put on Gary Knowels beetle and landed a fish early on. Got one fish on a calibaetis emerger, then, put on the "Tiger Beetle" which, I had left over and didn't use as my beetle submittal. I started nailing fish next to the reeds and lily pads along the shoreline. Usually a quick few twitches as it landed, then Bam! Fish would either take right away, or after the beetle rested for 20-30 seconds. I landed 6 rainbows from 14-17", but mostly 14 incher +. Then, I nailed this Bigmouth. Nothing huge, but for me who doesn't fish for bass, I got a kick out of raising it to the Tiger Beetle. I also lost about 4 trout that came unbuttoned. bass1.jpg bass2.jpg tiger1.jpg
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