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  1. I'm looking into getting my nephew a flyrod for xmas. Something inexpensive that will last him a few years, then he can upgrade if he wants. He's 11, big for his age and lives in new england.

    I was thinking of something from cabelas, such as the clear creek or tradtional. probably in 5 or 6 wt, 8.5 feet long. Does anyone have any experience with these rods, or suggestions for other rods at a comparable price (~100 ish)? Does the size and rod weight seem about right? I didn't start flyfishing until a few years ago, so am not familiar with the best way to outfit a youngster. Thanks.

  2. Have you thought of the Scientific Anglers or Cortland kits that come with everything including a flybox and knot tool? Just a thought.

    They range from $89 to $200.
    Just a suggestion.
  3. I bought one of the sa kits a few years ago, i think it was a 6 weight, and had good luck with it. I think I paid about $120.
  4. You might want to check out Outdoor Emporium. They used to have some reasonably priced packages. I would only suggest that you don't go cheap, cheap. If he finds casting to difficult, it may be a turn off. I wished I had started at 11, still bait chucking, spin casting at that age (and still do on occasion).
  5. I started off with a Three Forks combo from Cabelas which I got from my Uncle. It's just fine for a beginner with a moderate action. It comes with everything, line, backing, and reel, and it's a lot cheaper than the Cortland combo. The Cabelas one sells at like $70 I believe. Hope this helps,

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  6. I have the Cabela Three Forks rod, 3 wt. 7'-6" which I use on small stream. Where I typically don't have the cast very far or use large fly's. This was my second year fly fishing and the rod has worked out well for me. I did not buy the combo because I wanted to make sure I got a smooth reel. Thats not to say Cabela doesn't have good reels, I just didn't know about theirs.
  7. The hands-down best way to outfit any beginner is the Cabela's Three Forks Combo. This comes with a quality rod, reel, backing, and line. I use mine all of the time and love it. The combo costs about $50 total, a great deal.
  8. Hey i got a Cabela's Prestige Fly Combo it has worked great for me. It includes rod, reel, weight forward floating line, leader, backing, convenient chest pack, rod/reel case and 14-piece classic fly assortment. Every thing you need to get started it rings up at $149.99

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  9. You might consider the sage entry level outfits, very nice quality for the price and should last a lifetime, also with the awesome warranty. I assume that the boy, being in new england, will have a broad spread of opportunities. I lived there most of my life. I would suggest a six weight in 9 feet, medium action. This would cover him for allot of great fishing. The Sage outfit rods have a good action. I see allot of the" beginners outfits ", that are very inexpensive, but cast like kitchen brooms. That's a problem right up front because they are a burden for the beginner and they don't improve with age- they just hold the person back from advancing in the qualities of the game. That six weight would put the boy on trout fishing all year in lakes streams and bigger rivers,and bass, pike, pickrel, perch, sea trout,ansd smaller salt water fishing. There's allot to do. If you start him out with good quality it will be so much more encouraging and possible for him. Where in New England is he? Maybe I can help you.
  10. I'd have to agree the Prestige combo is a great value.
  11. I think Cabelas will be fine.

  12. I bought the Cortland CL combo ($180) 5 years ago (5wt., 9') and it has been a very good deal. It's relatively fast action, which I like, with their Vista reel, which is still working fine, with some other accessories. I would highly recommend it. Also, Cortland has a lifetime warranty on the rod, and I've damanged it at least twice and they've replaced it no questions asked. Good customer service.
  13. Hey, thanks for all the helpful replies! Even though its not on the list, I think I am probably gonna go with a st. croix pro graphite. by bro-in-law started on one and said it was a decent rod; coupled with the lifetime warranty it makes for a good deal.

    I was hoping to get out this weekend, but i have some homework to catch up on. the report that phishphreak (chadk) posted sure got me salivating to go catch some yakitrouts! maybe next weekend....
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