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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rob Allen, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Sound like Someone is bottom hurt. I post on several other forums and out of all of them this is g rated.
  2. So stop fishing near other people. I almost never see another soul when I fish.
  3. American language and culture is coarsening Rob. We're in a race with ourselves devolving to the least common knuckle dragger. Since it's devolution, it's not hard to keep up with. In fact it's harder to stay above it. Good luck.

    "Steel faces," the language of assholes.

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  4. I believe I can blend in to most groups, regardless of their use of language, abbreviations, angling techniques, generation or beverage preferences. Sometimes I blend, some times I rebel, sometimes I walk away.
  5. I like your style ed, Just because someone has a difference in opinion doesn't make them bad
  6. A lot of cool things can happen around a campfire after a long cold day of fishing, or mid day on a gravel bar during a lunch and warmup break. My mind is open...most of the time.
  7. I think most people who are crude are trying to be funny or entertaing and just aren't. It's totally possible to be crude and funny but it's the lowest common denominator of humor so most of it just comes off as stale.
  8. Heres the deal , if we all think the same what are we going to talk about???
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  9. It's ok. Someday you'll hit puberty and it will all make sense: the swearing, the drinking, sex. You may be surprised and actually like sex.
  10. There is nothing wrong with sitting around a campfire after a day of fishing with friends. We all drink, swear, pick our asses, give each other a bad time. If watching videos turns you off, don't watch them. There is a button there that you don't have to click on.

    Some people need to cuss to keep from exploding. I'm one of them. Besides I'm old and old men don't give a damn what we say anymore. So there. Fuck it.
  11. I am tired of fly fishermen's apparent inability to follow the basic rules of English grammar when posting to a fly fishing internet forum. Have we no respect for this language? I don't think it's an unreasonable request to proofread your work before posting. I am not saying we all must develop the prose and wordsmithing of James Joyce, but must we all be subjected to run-on sentences containing two independent clauses and lacking basic punctuation? Are we not adults?

    Edit: Never mind. I'm sorry. This lunacy musta sounded ridiculous and absurdly judgmental.
  12. We speak and act to the level of our company. If it is restrained, we restrain ourselves. If it is crude, we have the option to be crude or remain restrained and just listen, read, watch, or walk away. When I was a construction worker, I talked at a level those around me understood. When I started teaching, I had to temper my mouth and my demeanor changed. It isn't that hard if you "engage brain before mouth."
  13. I had a conversation with a buddy who is a trout bait fisherman this last spring and he hates how the "fly fisherman thinks they are better than everyone else" and many of these post just prove the attitude as a whole of fly fisherman.

    Better then thou
    Talk this way
    Don't act this way
    my gear is better than yours
    I know more than you

    It just goes on and on. knuckle dragging - mouth breathing - toothless - non spelling - cussing assholes - yep I'm one of them!

    Even my daughter knows there are two languages - one for home and one for the outdoors and racing!

    After a couple years on this site I would invite a few to my fire - Rob you would not be one of them, but I already knew that from your "Ifish" everyone else is an idiot posts.

    Everyone should know by now I have no grammar and can't spell and have nothing to offer to you so don't read my posts when you see them. signed : fucking mouth breathing - knuckle dragging - inbred - toothless fisherman.

    When everyone else is wrong some people think it's time to look at self!
  14. I think you are seriously over-estimating my abilities...:)
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  15. I like that Steve.

    When I started coaching girls fast-pitch softball at ages 13 to 16 I had to curve my railroad building construction mouth and be polite!

    And no one had to teach me how - imagine that!
  16. i would like to believe because i do fly fish that i am superior to bait/ gear guys (not in the sense i am a better person). but instead have a sense of pride in fly fishing when i hook a fish knowing that much more finesse and trickery was involved. However i dont go runnning around trying to convert people. I really only talk to other fly fisherman on the water.

    ps grammar sucks. i barely even english
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  17. I don't care about the crude\swearing\language, but holy christ if there are people with kids\families around fishing watch your mouth. I talk to more gear guys then I do fly guys on the water, and dont have an issue with them.
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  18. What exactly is this "fly fishing culture" being spoke of? Last I checked, fly fishing was an activity enjoyed by a wide range of people.

    I've never understood the problem with "crude language." They're just words. I can say "oh gosh gawlly shucky darn" and nobody would bat an eye.. If I say "oh fuck all goddammit" certain types cringe and get offended. Both statements mean the exact same thing in that context. I see no difference.

    If you have a problem with people who do the things you described, then don't associate yourself with them. One thing i love about fishing is the wide variety of people I have found common ground with and enjoy the company of on the water. I fish with republicans, democrats, christians, atheists, pot heads, scientists, engineers, ministers, recovering drug addicts, soldiers, musicians, and the list goes on... I would get bored with you all right quick if we all subscribed the same ideologies.

    So, in short: fuck it. I'm fine with all the things you complain about. I make no apologies for my choice of vocabulary.
  19. Society in general has come to accept coarse language in nearly every situation today. It is not just anglers but everyone. Pick your friends and fishing buddies carefully, or fish alone.
    I have learned that saying anything about bad language either; gets you and earful of worse language or nowhere, so I am learning to just walk away if it bothers me.
  20. Perhaps it's time to create an Isaac Walton style "Compleat Angler" sub-forum.

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