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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rob Allen, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. I just watched your avatar for like 3 minutes, it was like being hypnotized...
  2. Where is this video of the idiots in BC, I just want to see what got the OP's panties in a bunch
  3. Innuendos?How about inyurendo?
  4. Well Larry, you are older then me but we both agree on Rock & Roll being the root of all evil. :D
  5. Ok, so let me see if I understand this right; you are upset when grown men go out in the woods fishing, only to act like collegiate frat kids drunk on cheap liquor and starved of nubile young women? You must have pretty high expectations of humanity.
  6. As far as I can piece together from the thread: Rock and Roll is the root of all evil and fog. Dammit!
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  7. Wait... I thought nymphing for steelhead was the root of all evil.
  8. I agree with Rob...and Salmo_g is dead on correct. It's DEvolution and it's been going on a while now. Are we talking about fishing or are we trying to make a point with crude language? Some of both I'm sure, but...crude language just makes you sound stupid to me, why bother typing it? It's not useful in any way!!
  9. Not according to this thread.... I think. It's kind'a convoluted and would make a lot more sense with fish photos.
  10. Cue Bobo.
  11. You must be on a bunch of pussy forums. Most I am on allow you to speak your mind and say what you will. A few limit words like fuck and shit, but most do not. Not everyone believes in the same ideals you do, thats what makes this a community. If we all believed in the same thing it would be boring. You can be that stereotypical fly fisher that turns his nose up to everyone but himself, who only fishes dry flies, etc etc, I'll be the one having fun and making friends down river from you.
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  12. Guess he wouldn't like to be around me and my brother. I am 47 and he is 7 years the elder, we have fun together, we fish hard, laugh hard, cuss hard and drink hard liquer! We encourage others to join, have fun, tell stories and enjoy the outdoors! If a person dislikes the like that around and you think that type of person will be fishing where you will be, that is the time to go to your secrete pool, cause I don't think they want to be around a person who thinks everyone else is a snob or bitches about what everyone else is doing. When I feel like letting my inner WILLIAM WALLCE out, I always yell FREEEEEEDOMMMMMMM! Then continue fishing, drinking and enjoying fishing.

    I have never hated another fisherman, well, that's a lie. Not because he was drinking, cussing, telling sex jokes, but the assjack steps within 30 feet of me wades in a starts to fish. Now that makes me angry!
  13. The fly fisher was exceptionally rude,
    Everything was filthy and crude.
    If you hear things you don't like,
    It's easy to take a hike
    There's no joy in being a prude!

  14. If this forum has coarse language you don't like, I'd be more than happy to point you to a NW flyfishing site that is squeaky clean. It even has a censor program built into the website. It is nowhere as interesting as this site. This site has so much to offer, I consider it the best flyfishing site on The Internet. I'm willing to ignore the language because of what this place has to offer.

    I've learned more in regards to flyfishing and flytying here in the few months I've been a member than the last five years on the other site. I gladly accept the trade-off when it comes to language.
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  15. I have never hated another fisherman, well, that's a lie. Not because he was drinking, cussing, telling sex jokes, but the assjack steps within 30 feet of me wades in a starts to fish. Now that makes me angry![/quote]

    Me too!! :mad:
  16. It's the crotchety thing. You're just having trouble accepting other people. Most of us do now and then. Ignore, tolerate or move on.

    Me, I write comments that I never post. :)
  17. I never realized I was offending you with my foul language. I figured we were all adults, like you said, and a couple course words every now and then wasn't going to upset anyone. I guess I don't understand why it would.

    As for the drunkenness, sex jokes, etc, I realized early on in my fishing and guiding career (at 17 years old to be precise), that a group of gentlemen removed from the company of their wives on a fishing trip will act as if they were sixteen again, regardless of their age. This was great news for me, because as a 17 year old, I fit right in. Men from ages 17 - 77 that I fished with all liked to have fun, mess around, tell dirty jokes, drink a bit too much, and enjoy the company of their buddies. If that meant being a little childish and silly, that was all in good fun and not meant to upset anybody.
    Let's face it. I realize we have a few female members on here, but this forum is almost exclusively male, and could very well be referred to as "a sausage fest". With that in mind, this forum has some similarities to a group of guys hanging out away from their wives...
    I would hate to think that this forum would go the way of so many modern media: sterilized of any content that's fun just because it might upset someone. Everyone being so worried about being PC, not using foul language, etc. that they can't just speak their mind would be a real loss for this or any other forum.
  18. You and me both...

    This thread is by no means new. Meaning 1440 Gutenberg invents the printing press. 1532 Rabelais publishes his first in a series of novels re Gargantua and Pantagruel, the filthiest, foulest mouthed satirical asshat that, even to this day, makes Borat look like a fragile daisy or Adam Sandler the lowest form of comedic charlatan....

    This is just from the wikipedia page

    "During a terrible storm at sea, Panurge is paralyzed with fear, but feigns insufferable bravura afterwards. After slaying a sea-monster, they arrive at Wild Island, where the half-sausage inhabitants... mistake Pantagruel for the enemy giant ....and attack. The battle is stopped by a divine winged pig, who excretes mustard on the battlefield"

    "The book ends when Pantagruel fires a salute at the island of the Muses, and Panurge befouls himself at the sound."

    "Now financially solvent for the first time, Panurge stops wearing his long codpiece and seeks advice about whom to marry . Various auguries all agree that if he marries, his wife will cheat on him, beat him, and rob him; but he egregiously reinterprets their prophecies in a more favorable light.... Pantagruel and Panurge take a sea voyage to consult the Oracle of Bacbuc.... Their ship is well-provisioned with the phallic herb Pantagruelion, for which Rabelais gives a ribald natural history."

    And my personal LOL favorite:

    "This volume begins with the miraculous birth of Gargantua after an 11-month pregnancy. The labor is so difficult, his mother threatens to castrate his father Lord Grangousier. The giant Gargantua is born calling for ale and with a yard-long erection, which provides much amusement to his female nurses in later chapters. After some indifferent education at home, he is sent to Paris where the crowds so annoy him that he drowns thousands of them in a flood of urine (the survivors laugh so much, the city is renamed "Par Ris"). He steals the bells of St. Anthony, but gives them back after a sophist makes ludicrously self-centered appeals for their return."

    (If ever I have a eulogy where kind words are spoken (i.e. unlikely) I'd like something ridiculous along these lines, delivered in a serious Clouseau-ish french-accented monotone: "Boot, loved by his wife and kids and mourned by ludicrously self centered sophists who yearn for his return")
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  19. Alex,

    I have rods older than that.
  20. Speaking from experience, the sure fire best way to ruin this site is to start heavily censoring the posts. I assume that members actually look at the posts here before they join. If they don't, their mistake. Basically, if you join "you knew the job was dangerous before you took it". Joining and then attempting to change the site to your sensitivity is silly. If you're offended by the content of Playboy magazine, don't subscribe.

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