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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rob Allen, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. I think this thread could use a trip to the recycle bin. I hate being proved right.
  2. only point proven thus far is that we all see the world a little differently.
  3. This is a flyfishing forum. It does not demand anything from you other than you're opinion. My opinion is that crude, rude or vulgar language adds nothing, in fact it makes you seem ignorant. I'll leave it at that.
  4. I cuss too much, just ask my wife, and she's right. I had to dig down deep to understand why I cuss. For me it's because I get all fired up and can't think of all the proper words to articulate what I'm thinking/feeling. So I revert to my younger and wilder days and throw out a fuck or two for no good reason. In reality it does little to get my point across in a constructive way and folks come away thinking I'm a crass person. And sometimes I am...for that I apologize. I'm trying to do better.

    So how's it working for you?
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  5. I love all you guys. :eek:
  6. Anyone who doesn't respond in the next 5 seconds agrees with me.
  7. Sweet. Thanks for proving my point!
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  8. Well we can't ALL have proven your point since there are a couple dozen points of view here. Some agreeing with you, some disagreeing with you, and some coming from an entirely different direction.

    Evan has the right of it. The only thing you proved was that none of us are exactly the same. Thank god/allah/buddah/superman for that.
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  9. I'm thinking this was just a pot stirring post. So his point was proven that the pot would be stirred if he posted this up. Hmmmmmmm. I think I have moderating duties to do on a few folks on this thread. ;)
  10. Ya know...this thread has really given me pause to reflect on my use of swear words....I'm clearly not using them often enough. I'll work on it. Thank you for the encouragement! I'm done here.
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  11. cant believe i just read through this. i hear less whining from my moms daycare kids.
  12. I suppose my point was mostly that for communication to happen the signs and symbols used have to have similar meanings between the communicating parties. Whether it's a group of guys fishing or someone slinging insults it's all based on a mutual understanding of the signs and symbols. Really, it's probably a stupid point I'm trying to make (and my point has nothing to do with the intent of the thread) but that's never stopped me before.
  13. So Jerry, I was born in South Africa (Durban) and have lived with many cultures. But none of this has anything to do with civility or fly fishing. The POT here is perspective. Does vulgarity contribute in any way to flyfishing? I don't think so. Use your words carefully and make them mean something. Words in this thread are worse than any I've ever heard because they are trying to justify rudeness.
  14. Underachiever made a very good point.
    We all should recognize a level of morality.
    Since this is the internet with no direct contact.... let the language continue! If a persons filter is sensitive to typed words.. their life must be a constant battle.
    In public oral settings, gross vulgarity is mostly restricted to the inept, drunk or juvenile. Adults don't cuss too often in front of ladies or kids and when they do, they usually correct themselves when asked. Freedom of speech has landed many men on their asses with a bloody lip.... (freedom isn't free)

    For ME- Using vulgarity or cussing etc with friends in certain situations clarifies the severity of the situation or discussion.

    If a man doesn't like the language and is not able to change the language, he sould remove himself from the location. In most cases if a man is blatantly cussing in front of a lady or kids, (he is not much of a man) and will shutdown before the forementioned beatdown.

    This thread reminds me again that the pursuit of happiness comes from within.....

    Gob Bless America and George Carlan's 7 words.
  15. That's actually true of most European languages. They tend to use very creative and visually descriptive terms as insults, descriptions of he opposite sex, etc. But Americans lack that creativity and fall back to f-bombs: "F--- you a--hole!"..."Dude, she's F---in' hot!" Etc.
  16. Thank goodness you have the freedom to use as little vulgarity as you see fit.

    I can see why you might assume that use of vulgarity might make a person seem uneducated in your eyes.
    However, I can assure you that assuming that someone is ignorant based on a few f words they toss into their statements is the true ignorance. If I had underestimated the opinions of others (or assumed they were ignorant) because of their occasional use of foul language, I might have missed out on knowledge from some of the wisest people I've ever known.
  17. As I said 7 pages ago: "Meh."

    It doesn't take vulgarity to be rude and vulgarity doesn't automatically mean rudeness. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

    Which is more rude:

    "We don't serve your kind here."


    "Holy shit, look who's here! I love this guy! How the hell are you bro?"

  18. +1000
  19. i dont feel this site is a place to swear. do it at home or somewhere private. i have visited this site much less in the last year other than the classified partially because of it. i do swear but you will never hear me. thanks, mike w

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