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  1. It sure looks like the advocates of sophomoric potty humor and profanity have won the day and in doing so have convinced me that I live in a changed world.
    That said, I have an idea and I call my idea Flatulence and Profanity aka FAP.
    I am the president and CEO of Lowest Common Denominator Recording , a subsidiary of High and Mighty Recording .
    I’m sending a fully staffed mobile recording studio to the Pacific North West on or about 20 February 2013, locations TBA. Included with state of the art recording electronics will no les than three (3) Whoopee Cushions.
    I’m requesting that those of you that advocate sophomoric potty humor and profanity prepare your material in advance of my team’s arrival.
    Write and be prepared to perform rap music to the beat of Whoopee Cushions. There is one caveat and that is you must use all of the common street profanity with the following exceptions. YOU, HIM, HER, IT and EM must be included in the profanity to enhance comprehension. Or tell profane jokes using the Whoopee Cushions and profanity as punctuation. From what I have seen on this forum the combinations are endless.
    Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the recording sessions, but instead will be stuck in Wyoming hard at work on marketing demographics.
    Possible uses for the recordings are:
    On a family vacation, the kids in the back seat are becoming restless. Plug the CD into the player and FAP’em. They will be overwhelmed with mirth all of the way to Disney Land. Soccer Moms could FAP their energetic charges. Let us not forget carpools, public transportation as they all could use a good FAPPING. A good FAPPING could increase the chances of an athletic team’s winning percentages. I think FAP could go nation wide. And to think that the area that gave us Grunge, with little effort could provide the nation with FAP.
    FAP on Dudes and because I live in Wyoming, I use the “D” word reluctantly.
  2. Do you guys think this album cover is crude?
  3. If that's what I think it is, then yes. And hilarious.

  4. Not sure if it's crude, but I do have an uncontrollable desire to stick my pinky in that there fella's eye.
  5. Southpark beat you to it. Tween Wave forever!

    Full episode:

    Shorter "TLDR" version so those with short attention spans can get the joke:
  6. Music composer Tom Zé, during Brazil’s 1964-1985 dictatorship, decided to mock the censors, who were banning many of his songs. He hired a “model”, put a marble in her asshole and published that as his 1973′s album cover. It worked.

    There will always be crude people and people who try to control crude people and crude people who think the controlling people are the real crude people. The net result is that both sides will escalate because of pride that they're both right. There will always be differing belief systems and people the perpetuate the collision of them for mere amusement.

    Unfortunately it has a lot of negative consequences.

    The world would be a lot better if everyone paid attention in kindergarten; people are different. Like, BIG TIME different. It'll never change...and you might as well enjoy the process of getting on with your own damn, short, blink of an eye, life.
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  7. You would've loved to hear us approaching, had you been trekking in Haleakala Crater back in '77. That would have been Scotty on the bagpipes, blowing a mean cacophony as our party of four marched across the dusty moonscape. That must have sounded like alien cries and screams to any other hikers inside the crater. We had a good time!
  8. This thread sort of went viral!
  9. If page count attests to interest, there is a lot of interest in crudeness as a topic.
  10. Jesse, this is pure wisdom. I agree with you 100%.
  11. 1. I didn't read all these posts.
    2. This will be the first post I've made on this forum on a thread that was Not Fly Fishing Related.
    3. I'm a 62 year old Navy Vet.

    What I see and hear now days is yes, more cussing and off color stuff than I did when I was a kid. Our culture has changed and our language has changed with it. Pat Boone didn't use the F-bomb when I was a kid and neither did the Nuns. Instead they used euphemisms for the F-bomb like "fudge", "fooey", "frackle", etc. It sounded pretty dishonest and stupid back then and today it's even more so.

    Whenever the word "Fuck" was used back then, it brought silence to most rooms. Today, it's used so often, by so many people, and in so many different ways, it's lost it's shock value in most circles.

    It's just a word.

    In today's American culture, what would truly give me pause on a trout stream is not someone breaking off a 20"+ trout and yelling "FUCK". What would give me pause would be if someone landed a 20"+ trout and said "Praise Allah!"

    In my life time, men, especially White men, have been stigmatized at nearly every turn. We've been told we're violent, crude, sex-crazed, misogynistic, etc. In other words, we've been punished for being men. We have been pushed to act more like women who are of course civilized, cultured, nurturing, patient, and never fart.

    Aside joke: If a man is alone in the woods, with no woman around to hear him, and he makes a statement. Is he still wrong?

    What I see and hear on the river, in the company of men, is guys essentially saying "I can be myself here. I can express myself with any words that come out. I don't have to censor my thoughts or my speech. I'm no longer drinking tea at the Tight Ass Club. I am free at last."
  12. Brilliant post. Well spoken and to the point. Agree 100%.
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  13. Salmo I agree!!

    Also it seems to me any post that deals with personal, or political beliefs, will get the most attention on this board.
  14. If I were offended by foul language, I wouldn't have many friends. I do try to not use "bad words" when around women and usually don't use it on the forums because I know we have some ladies and the occasional youngster. Notice I said usually. And I definitely do not get offended by those who do. And I do not consider them vulgar.

    My son recently told me his 3 1/2 year old had picked up a new phrase at her nursery school--got to watch those Methodists--"Jesus Christ". Craig and Carly worked to eliminate the use of the phrase with her and she did some time out. A few days later, I was on the phone with Craig when he managed to stub his toe rather violently (barefooted). He instantly came out with Jesus Christ, which was instantly followed in the background by my granddaughter saying "bad Daddy--do you want a time out?" I laughed my ass off. (Sorry if I offended anyone--well, not really).

    I think the most prolific purveyor of profanity I ever heard was a Catholic chaplain I knew in the army. The guy had to have been a sailor in an earlier life. Pretty nice guy, and effective chaplain. The bottom line is some of the biggest hypocrites in history have been those who pretended to be offended by the words or actions of others. A number of them were religious leaders. Hmmmm.
  15. I'm thinking the rivers better start having fish return and get re-opened before we all take the flight of the Phoenix....going round and round, in ever decreasing circles until we eventually fly up our own arse!
  16. Maker of some of the finest fly rods in the world, internet troll, and owner of a pristine '70s porn mustache (not the ironic hipster brand). Bravo.

  17. Yes Jesse we are different, but we are the same in many more ways. Maybe if we looked at how we are alike rather than our differences we could get along.

    I use salty language alot, I grew up fishing and on contruction sites so I heard it all. But if I offend someone I'll curb me tounge.
  18. Back to why Roper wins, posted the thread about our similarities. Winning approach. Internet rants, far less successful.
  19. It all goes back to how you were raised, and what you believe about yourself, and about the world.

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