Best time to Fishing The Snohomish River in Monroe

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  1. I just joined A RV Thousand Trails Club and they have a Park in Monroe on The Snohomish off of Ben Howard Road. They state that they have shore access to throw a fly or lure. We'll see if that's accurate but my question is, in the coming fall, winter, & spring months, when is the best time to fish the Snohomish from shore. I want to visit this RV spot but obviously want to be able to put my fly in the water with luck to be had.
  2. That's the Skykomish River. Where the Sky and the Snoqualmie come together that the start of the Snohomish River.
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  3. That's the Skykomish River. I stand corrected. Thank you Old Man. Big difference!!!
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  4. Should be lots of back access in that area. When the water is low that is. Come winter and you get lots of rain the bank access will be under water.
  5. A pontoon makes both the sky and snoqalmie much easier to fish as well as limt the aount of combat fishing
  6. That place has river access. Might need to wade out there a bit. You'll see the fish
  7. Just avoid the tidal portion of the Snohomish. That water holds cutthroats but the salmon in my experience are pretty tight-lipped through there. It's fun watching a big river flow backwards though. The Sky is a nice river.
  8. There is plenty of wading access on both "S" rivers! A boat is nice for the Sky in particular, but there is tons of access if you search for it!
  9. Ben Howard has quite a bit of public bank access, mostly above the boat launch. There is also some private access you can fish (two bit). I have not seen the 1000 trails RV park river frontage but my guess is adds some additional frontage to fish but my guess is you'll have company at the peak of the runs as the only people camping in November are either crazy or anglers.
  10. years ago that was called thunderbird park and a very good swinging hole that had public acces. Now that the new owners have it and have no public access I haven't fished it in years but it should still be good , mainly a winter steelhead show in Dec, but should hold fish all year.
  11. Caught my hottest steelhead ever, a 6lb downriver kelt at Tbird.
    Pretty high bank right there at the campground, as I recall.
    Ben Howard launch has a ton of access.
  12. Is two bit still 2 bits to access ?

  13. I have not fished there in forever so I am not sure.
  14. The 2 best times to fish this river is when it's rainin', and when it ain't.

    Just trying to help.

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