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  1. Been doing a lot of time on the MF Snoqualmie and catchin' 6" Skippers. Time to move up to the 12" Bows. So what's the best place to go within an hour of Redmond (where I live)? Is it the South Fork? The Sky? The Yak by Cle Elum? Any fairly reliable spots to try would be appreciated. Fairly new to the area and love all the fishing opportunities, but I get confused easily with all the choices. Too much beer.
  2. Try this: "I have a new hummer loaded with everything" Since that one was used, go with a Mercedes G wagon, fully loaded with GPS and what not, add that you will buy the beer too! I am SURE you will get a few bites on that with some good 411! :HMMM
  3. If I was you I would hit the upper Yakima, that is if you don't want to go much further than an hour from Redmond. Try the Iron Horse St Park exit(bullfrog) betwwen Easton and Cle Elum. Good access to the Yakima and some descent fish out of that section. You can also try the three bridges area or ensign ranch launch. I think it is golf course rd exit to get to both destinations. I floated the Yakima on Sat. we some buddies and there is still quite a few kings in the system. We did bring a few to the boat measuring over 18 inches but most were 8-14 inches. I think some fish still follow up the salmon eating eggs but for the most part I think it was too crowded for most rainbows so they are probably a little lower right now. We did pretty good between S. Cle Eum to E. Cle Elum, but after that water was low, warm and fish were few and far between.
  4. Whatever works

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  5. I drove by that area near Cle Elum and it looked great. I will have to give that a shot this weekend. Thanks for the tip.
  6. Go and ask for permission to fish the ponds at the Molbaks farm between Woodinville and Redmond. I have some nice photos of 20" cutts from them ponds when I worked there.

  7. You've got to be kidding!! I hear there is a drainage area next to the new Home Depot in Redmond, too!!
  8. The MF Snoq has 12"ers, but you need to fish deeper and work harder, I guess. There are a number of lakes that have the fish, too.

    The Sky is not for little trout, although steelhead smolts are available. But if you have the interest for bull trout, steelhead and something more significant than a 12"er.

    the south fork Snoq is famous for 6"ers. You can catch sea-run cutts and a few resident rainbows, and steelhead on the mainstem snoq say between the Falls and Carnation. Probably downstream too, but I haven't found too much good access.

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  9. Troutman101,

    I life in that area ,could you please tell me about these ponds! :THUMBSUP Thanks


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