Best weight switch for the Salt..6 or 7wt??

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Mark Mercer, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. Hey guy's, Help !!!
    I was going to ask this in saltwater or the spey clave but decided to stick it here, hope you don't mind..
    Do to some shoulder problems I'm thinking about a TFO switch rod in a 6 or 7wt (thats what I have at work, Sportsman's Warehouse) For many years I've used a single handed 6wt for silvers but it's getting tougher to do for any length of time. I don't know alot about switch rods and have never cast one so I thought I'd ask the forum... I like staying as light as possible but I know a 7 should work for chum as well, I guess??
    Enlighten me please ....

    Thanks in advance..
  2. You work there and get a discount? Get both. If you an only have one get the heavier if you think the 6 is too light for chum. If you play them right though, the 6 will get the coho and chum to your feet.
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  3. I'll be heading out tomorrow to try out my new TFO 7wt switch never fished a switch rod before should be fun, I hope!
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  4. I would look at a 5 or 6. A 6W will land a chum easy.
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  5. If you used a 6wt single hander and felt comfortable with that then get the equivalent switch rod weight - which would be a 4wt.
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  6. Hey thanks everyone, I appreciate your comments and suggestions, I need to make a decision soon to give myself enough time to learn how to cast it well. From everyone's comments it appears the 6wt would do everything I need so I'll probably go that way, now I've just got figure out which line would work best.... Now it really gets confusing.

  7. A number of folks have pointed out that more rods are broken landing chums than any other species. While a 6wt might 'do', prudence suggests that a heavier rod might be a more sensible - and durable - choice.

  8. Get what rod u like. Then buy another
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  9. A 6wt switch is an 8wt single hander. If you're buying a switch to lighten the load on your arm I think you might be disappointed.
  10. I used my Echo 5 wt switch this week both on the salt and on the Skagit. I cast it single handed most of the time and I wouldn't want to single hand anything heavier than that all day. Like was said before, 5 wt switch is the equivalent of a 7 wt single handed. I would vote 5 wt for you. Rick
  11. I had a good time my day out with my 7wt TFO switch rod good for pinks hooked three landed one.
  12. I often use a 6wt TFO switch beach fishing for salmon. It's good for Coho and while I can't speak to Chums, on one fortunate occasion it was plenty good enough for a Chinook. I usually use an Outbound Short WF9I or an Airflo 40+ WF8I (30' head version) casting single handed or two-hand overhead (I'm still trying to figure out which is better), and more rarely a Skagit Flight 425 doing spey casts. It's a great rod for the salty beach. Andy
  13. Thanks again everyone, so many little time.
    Thanks afried for that info, I think thats the way I'll go for now and it's a good starting point as far as lines go. I also have a few 8wt lines I'm going to try on it. This could get expensive I think, just in lines alone.
  14. You're right, the rod is often the cheap part.

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