Big hole in waders

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  1. I got a hole about the size of a quarter in my waders. Any way to repair this or am I screwed?
    Its right above the foot so not in a high stretch area and is basically a perfect circle so I can't just aquaseal it

    I dont care how it looks just don't want it to leak
  2. beaver punji stick?
  3. I sewed a few holes with power pro and stitched in wader material from a repair kit. Then I aquasealed over it. It has not leaked in 5 years.
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  4. Put the wader material on the inside..
  5. Where do you get spare wader material?

    So you sew the material onto the inside then dump aquaseal on the outside?
  6. Hung them up to dry and they fell on a candle
  7. And here I thought you were asking about wearing waders in the Big Hole. After the Bacon teaser, I'm seriously considering pulling the ignore lever on you :D.

    OK, now to your question. If they are Simms, call them and they'll send you an RO# to ship them back for repair or replacement. I had torn a flap in my first pair of Headwaters which were a couple years old and they opted to just send me a brand new pair. If their not Simms, why not? (just kidding). You can try the patch material along with the UV cure Aquaseal product and likely have success... I did on a few previous waders which were made by Hodgeman. I would recommend letting them dry completely before doing the repair.

    Good luck.
  8. Repeat above on the new burn hole.
  9. G-man44,

    Like Jeremy said, yes, you can repair it. I don't think you even need to sew the patch on. Just glue it. A lot of waders come with some patch material. If yours didn't ask around, or at fly shops. Somebody's got something that'll work if you don't have old waders to cannibalize.

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  10. Years ago, my wife put my waders out it the garage and a mouse ate a hole in the waders just above the waste. I used neoprene and silicone to patch the hole. It looks awful but they haven't leaked in over 15 years. If you are using breathable waders instead of neoprene, I would consider using a piece of pack cloth or Cordura (or similar fabric) and glue it to the inside of the wader with aqua seal and after it is dried, then on the outside of the wader put a layer of aqua seal over the pack cloth with about an inch overlap and then put another layer of fabric over that. The sandwich should make a water tight patch.

    Another option would be to use tear-aid with a layer on each side of the wader.

    After you find a solution---please post it, I am certain many would like to hear about your success.
  11. That bacon thread was awesome!

    Thanks for the replies everyone. My waders are orvis and there's no way any kind of warranty will cover a hole that was clearly burnt haha.

    They came with this repair tape stuff that is super sticky and clear...could I use this as a patch on the insside, then aqua seal over it? I'm just worried this hole is too big and needs something better than this tape + aquaseal. On the bright side I could put like 5 layers of aquaseal and the stiffness won't bother me since this section is basically on my shin


  12. Patch from both sides, seal well, should fix the hole and hold up to more use...just keep away from flames!
  13. Any suggestion on what to use to patch it? I'd prefer to get this fixed tomorrow so I can fish monday
  14. Gore-tex Patch material would be my first suggestion.
    The clear tear aid would be next.
    Barring both being available, find a piece of vinyl or some other thin yet water impermeable material.

    Patch should have adequate overlap of damaged edges on both sides. Clean the char up and trim to good material if you can.

    Hell, a well placed multilayer duct tape patch may fix your problem if you have no other options, there are better materials though.
  15. Thanks this was helpful
  16. I got it from a pair of waders that was being thrown out. Just clipped out a chunk
  17. G-man44,

    Back in days gone by we used to just use a piece of J & J waterproof first aid tape. Inside and out. It's white and looks ugly, but it lasted a long time between replacement. Why are you making this so hard?

  18. Do a temporary fix then take or send them to Rainy Pass Repair in Seattle. They will repair all kinds of outdoor gear and clothing and are an authorized GoreTex repair facility. You can even request a quote on their website so you'll know the approx. cost.
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  19. Thanks salmo. I'm not trying to make it hard, just pissed at myself cuz of how fucking stupid I was. Its my first pair of waders and I've never had to repair them so just want to make sure I do it right

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