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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Donato, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Do you think B. Twin and the other lakes in the area are still fishable? I'd like to head up there on Fri for 3 days if the weather is good.:)
  2. Take a look at R. Todd's comment on the High Lake Washout thread. Said it has slowed down but there are other options in the area.
  3. Yes-Big Twin has slowed due to week growth and higher temps. You can still catch fish, but the days of 30+ fish are over until fall. Look at other lakes in the area that are higher in elevation! Rick
  4. Thanks guys
  5. Donato, Aeneas has slowed due to the same thing. I picked up a couple today Chiro fishing but it is really slow and over 70 deg now. I may not fish it anymore until fall depending if we get some cooler weather or not. Thinking about heading up to Chopaka later in the week and see how it's doing.
  6. Top,
    I'm planing on fishing Chopaka and blue in the sin from wed-sun on the 4th of July weekend. Maybe we can meet up on one of those days.
  7. Bob, that sounds actually good. My daughter and son in law are coming over for the long weekend and I would love to take my son in law to another lake. Likely Blue for starts (because it is one of my favorite lakes) and maybe if we have time we can make it up to Chopaka. Went over to Long Lake near Republic yesterday with my son and met up with Ive. Had a fun time with those fiesty cuts. Really nice meeting up with Ive, heck of a nice guy and gave me some good advice.
  8. Top,
    I'll let you know my plans on which lake I'll be fishing first. Probably chopaka then blue but that could change.

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