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  1. Greetings Everyone,

    I've followed this fantastic forum for a long time but never posted. Well...after fly fishing the Cedar (and a few streams) for years I've finally grown tired of chasing minnows and digging the bigger guys out with 10lbs of split shot and nymphs :p. Damn pretty scenery on those waters, but it's growing old for me. Problem is, 'bigger game' is something I know nothing about, since I never felt the need. Spent many years in Utah being spoiled by its blue ribbon water, where if you weren't landing several 18" browns/day you were doing something seriously wrong LOL. So...I'm wondering if I could get some real basic/general advice about where in Wa I might consider for bigger trout, steelhead, or even learning saltwater.

    Any Wa State related resources you could throw my way would be much appreciated!

    Thanks much.
  2. This is a fairly new WDFW resource you can start with. I've been talking to the guys who are running this project about producing one one bucktailing and casting to coho as well. That will be in a month or two, as we have to wait for the fish to arrive in numbers. Go to the link and click on the blue font link that guide3s you to "more how to videos". You can adapt your fly fishing techniques to match.

    I'd advise investing some time and money with a local guide, so go to your local pro shop and tell them what you want to learn.
  3. I think in Washington you have better odds of finding bigger trout in lakes vs. most of the rivers. 18" fish are pretty common, especially on the eastside of the mountains. Also Rocky Ford is almost guaranteed that if you catch something it will be big.
  4. Ok, thanks. Lakes is a good idea; I'll start investigating that. I'm tiny and have always been POUNDED by rivers. Most of the time I spend more time trying not to die than fishing, especially in the Cedar LOL.

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