Birds of the Pacific Northwest

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  1. Thought I'd share a few images I've taken of birds in the last year around the area.

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  2. NICE!!! I'm a birder myself, so I love looking at bird photos, especially great ones like these.

    Thanks for sharing,
  3. That's sweet
  4. Thank you for the kind remarks. Great bird photography is a fine art; I'm still learning.

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  5. Couple from rocky ford this weekend image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  6. Great Shots, D80 does a decent job
  7. Nice shots! Photographing birds often requires a TON of patience. What lenses are each of you shooting? 70-200mm f/2.8? 300mm?
  8. Very nice thanks for sharing.
  9. Adolescent Bald Eagle sitting on top of a grain silo in Skagit Valley. Looks pretty healthy.

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  10. Awesome photos! And as for me being a waterfowl hunter, over the years I have really found out that waterfowl hunting made me only more passionate about the birds and finding them to be so amazing and smart! Waterfowl I think have to be some of the prettiest birds out their.
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  11. was that a black duck in the second photo?
  12. that Heron picture is awesome
  13. Awesome photos! thanks for sharing.

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