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  1. I've been a bug freak most of my life and can usually identify at least the family of most insects, but this one has had me stumped for years. I found it at Lake Easton State Park. It seems to have some characteristics of a beetle and a wasp. The incomplete wing covers are particularly strange. It was not near the water so is not really fishing related, but interesting nonetheless.

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  2. Hi Aaron,

    Yes, bizarre indeed. Don't have a clue as to what it is, but in an attempt to be able to better see it, I did lighten (flash fill) it.
    Terrestrial insects are simply not my thing, so I would recommend posting it on BugGuide. If you would like, I would certainly be willing to post it there for you. Please advise.
  3. Thanks for your input. Go ahead and post it at BugGuide if you have the time. I'd like to see if they can come up with anything!
  4. some kind of burrowing wasp
  5. Hi Aaron-
    Turns out it's a Lion Beetle. Please see this posting on BugGuide.
  6. Very cool. That looks like the critter. Successful networking!

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