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  1. In anticipation of my move to Washington State later this year I was wondering if there are any muzzle loading clubs or ranges in the Whidbey Island area. I have two flintlocks and a percussion rifle that I would like to continue to use. I am willing to drive as much as an hour to find a place to shoot.

    I also have a variety of handguns and rifles that I will be bringing along.
  2. I think there are two gun ranges on Whidbey Island as I recall. I remember we used to use one of them when I was stationed there while in the Marine Corps since we didn't have a rifle range on base. I haven't heard of a muzzleloader club in that area. You may want to contact the Washington State Muzzleloader Association about any clubs or events in the area. I'm not a member myself as I'm already involved in too many organizations so I don't know a whole lot about them.
  3. The Holmes Harbor club is one of the finest on Whidbey. Trap, skeet, 5 stand, pistol and rifle ranges. Food and drink on premises...after shooting of course. Contact Islander, he can answer any questions.
  4. Thanks. I'm spoiled here since the club I belong to owns it's own range. I can shoot any time I want to brave the weather and its light outside.
  5. There's plenty of National Forest. I shoot both flint and percussion as well, but I don't know of any clubs at all except the state muzzleloader association. Since the forest is literally my back yard, I just put on the hiking boots. i don't shoot the flinter in the Fall, though, with the forest pretty dry.
  6. I keep forgetting you guys have forest out there. Sounds like fun. I attended a rendezvous yesterday and participated in what they called a woods walk. We followed a path through the trees and along a creek and shot at silhouettes of small animals. The key word here in my case was shot at I didn't hit very many.
  7. Rick is correct, HHR&G is one of the nicest ranges around. Although they don't have any organized BP matches or shoots they do have several BP shooter that use the range. Central Whidbey Sportsman Club in Coupeville has a large group of BP shooters and has a huge annual shindig there. There is a third club up near Oak Harbor as well. They shoot mostly IDPA stuff.
  8. Thanks Islander. I looked at the website sites for both clubs. Sounds like either on would be a good fit for me.
  9. Central's website should have more info and maybe some pics on their annual rendezvous. They have a primitive camp area that has tipis and old style tents. They only use campfires for cooking etc. It's pretty fun to check out. I think it's usually in August.
  10. I forgot to mention there's a mountain man rendezvous at West Yellowstone every August, and the park's only about 8-9 hours from Leavenworth; add another two hours from the Seattle area, and you're there!
  11. The rendezvous are fun, but there's another group (which is why I shoot flint most of the time), called Coalition of Historical Trekkers. They're experiental archeologists. Our gatherings are as authentic as we can get, until you look beneath the bedrolls of us old guys, and see the basecamp therma rest. We've all agreed we're too old to actually like sleeping on the ground anymore! But it's a great bunch of folks, dedicated to learning all they can about the 18th century. Unfortunately there's no chapters out here, but if anyone was interested in establishing one, i'd work to see it happen. This sort of thing really drives home the fact that people back then weren't as "primitive" as we believe they were.
  12. Sound like an interesting group. We try to be as authentic as possible here but my 65 year old body has a hard time sleeping on the ground. I used to be able to sleep sitting against a tree in the rain with mosquitos chewing away at me but I was 20 then in a shit hole third world country and thought I was a stud.
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  13. You WERE a stud, brother. Welcome home.
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  14. I'll be in West Yellowstone all summer, I'll have to check out the Rendezvous. Haven't shot much black powder since I was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. Used to do well with a flintlock, tomahawk and bowie knife.
  15. Thanks and back at you brother!
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  16. Hey Ron, Gusher Pizza (think that's the place) has all you can eat on either Wed. or Thursday. Usually spagetti, for cheap! They're on Dunraven.
  17. Alex, I'll be helping out at the fly shop at the Campfire Resort between Hebgen and Quake Lakes. I'll be hitting the Pizza place. Fortunately for the All You Can Eat places, I no longer have the appetite I had when I was jumping outta planes and shit. Getting old sucks and ain't fer sissies.

    bbrech, always glad to have another Vet here. Let me add my welcome home as well.
  18. If you manage to get over to the E side my neighbor has a muzzle loader range set up on their property. I could take you over and shoot if interested
  19. Thanks ribka. You never know. I would like to get over there to fish some day.

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