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  1. I really, really want to fish and camp here with my family this summer. Anyone fish the beaches? it looks like prime territory for cutts and salmon with no crowds fishing. Problem is getting there and back without a boat. The Tillicum village ferry let's you take about a backpack and that's it. Anybody rent/loan a seaworthy boat or sea kayaks for a weekend? Or even rent their services as a water taxi? The hybrid Yak I got could do it on a still day with just me and spray skirts and so on, but I don't have the yaks for the kids and wife, who at most could do the Southworth to Blake paddle, one of them would need to be in a tandem. Any ideas? How do the currents and tides work around there? Seems like a lot of water moves through there, and Colvos has fooled me more than once with winds and tides that went in ways that were more fickle than predictable... thanks in advance... Mike
  2. Pretty big water out there so your caution is warranted
    Good crabbing
    You could intercept some pinks
    Never fished cutts there
    I am up for a shuttle run (I keep a 17 foot cc in gig harbor in the summer)
    I've got a 12 footer loaner that you could row out to run pots and cast from
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  3. The camping there is fantastic. One of those, "why don't I come here all the time!?" spots. I've trolled (with gear) off the point just south of marina and had some luck with kings in the summer. Last time we camped there, I did attempt to find some cutts, but didn't have any luck. The south side beaches look fishy, but alas. I didn't fish the other areas of the island. It's a gorgeous all the way around. The water on the north side of the island (which also has some kayak accessed camp spots) seem much calmer than the south, which can easily stir up white caps with serious currents. The north side also has some attractive kelp beds. I wouldn't want to be on the South side in a kayak unless the weather and forecast was pristine. Good luck!
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  4. If the schedule works, I could run your shuttle. 20' aluminum boat could handle your kayaks, family and gear. When are you thinking? It's a nice place to camp. There's Ling habitat.....

    PM if interested.
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  5. Camped (at anchor) a billion years ago on the south side. Very fishy, tide ripped like a mother at times. Actually lost the anchor at night. Wonderful place (really).
  6. Used to ski to Blake Island from Suquamish. Fairly long run. (Skied Suquamish to Golden Gardens a couple times as well.) Camped at Blake Island 2 or 3 times, on our way to the hydro races. Libations were involved. Never fished there but you're right, the beach looks fishy.
  7. I did this trip by renting kayaks from the Bainbridge marina and then paddling across. I went with people who actually knew what they were doing. There was talking about timing the weather and the tides to make the large crossing that I largely ignored in the bliss of ignorance.
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  8. Timely post as been eyeing Blake Island for this weekend if the surf stays flat. Anybody ever drop shrimp pots out in that area?
  9. Boot, don't expect the fishing and crabbing to be very good from my experience, but the camping is nice. Be aware of the racoons at night as they raid the picnic tables looking for scraps, the park provides bins to store your food, you'll hear them scratching around at night. We love Blake as a day use park; the hike around, the amazing views of Seattle and Rainier, and the history, even a population of deer that inhabit the island. Not sure how old your kids are but there is a playground and a couple of horseshoe pits as well and a flat grassy area to throw a frisbee. Its too bad the rental boats at the former Crab shack would rent Lunds, not sure if that is still active or not. Its one of my favorite WA state parks and you should make a point to spend some time over there.

  10. Thanks Paul, Jesse too. I do think you could do a bad job on getting out there and back in a Yak if you didn't know the patterns of wind and tide around there

    more I think about it, it would be fun to have a WFF weekend meet up and camp on Blake, if only to find out if the Cutts and Pinks hang there for a bit, to meet each other, play some horseshoes, share some stories, throw some flies, let the kids get up to whatever.
  11. Wadin' Boot...gentleman, author, caregiver, WFF event planner...
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  12. Not much fishing from beaches but ok at times further out. Very crowded place unless you go in winter. We were very disipointed to find out most of Tillicom show is now done by vidio with just a few actors to be able to say live show. I remember a time when the Native dance show was trully worth seeing now not so much.

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