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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Pat Lat, May 31, 2013.

  1. Pat Lat Mad Flyentist

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    still in the preliminary part of my research, I'm going to be scouting around for a fast 9'6-10' 4weight blank for a first build. I will use it for single hand spey in tight quarters and for searuns in low wind conditions. I will be lining it with royal wulff ambush line and puting it together saltwater components and a fighting butt.
    Anyone have a nice blank lying around that could use a new home, or know where I can get a decent one for under $200
    Thanks for your input guys.
  2. FLGator Member

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    Dan Craft Enterprises. Give Dan a call to discuss your needs. Great blanks!
  3. Gary Knowels Active Member

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    Guys on the rod building forum like quickline blanks in that configuration and they're about $75

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  4. Rob Ast Active Member

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    either of the above are great suggestions. Dan at dancraft is a wealth of knowledge and probably has what you are looking for. But I have been intrigued by the pacbay quickline rods and they are getting good reviews.
  5. NIrodneck Member

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    I love the Quickline series of blanks. I have not built the 10' 4 wt,but have built quite a few of the 5 & 6 wt for fishing out of float tubes and pontoon boats. They are straight,light and nicely finished. If a customer doesn't have a specific brand they want, I usually go with the Quicklines.
  6. LD Active Member

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    For your first build you may want to get a cheap kit and build one first. Find a kid or organization to donate it to or use as a backup. Then build a better rod on a nice blank. It takes a few for most of us to get hang of building.
  7. LD Active Member

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    Did you ever build the quickline 10' 4wt? thinking of giving it a try?
  8. Pat Lat Mad Flyentist

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    in the process of getting an allen blank.
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  9. John Wallace Active Member

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    Check out Allen fly fishing. If you call or e-mail him, he may sell a blank to you. I love the 10' 4 or 3wt.