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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by steeli, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Swap Closed

    Early spring and those blooded worms start migrating. This swap is for new and interesting patterns in size 14-18; larva or pupa stage. Only catch is some degree of red in the pattern which could be anything from very subtle to lots of red/maroon. 10 tiers, 2 patterns each (18 total flies).You can tie two different patterns or send in two of the same. For me, March is a great time for this type of bug; so deadline of March 3rd. If this seems too quick we can push out a week or so. Who's in?

    1. steeli - Ready to go
    2. irafly - Received
    3. zen -Received
    4. ron m - Received
    5. waboman - Received
    6. dbk - Received
    7. nailbender - Received
    8. blue - Received
    9. Etamamam - Received
    10. Nick Clayton - cancellation
  2. what if the simple ties work best?
  3. im confused, we each do 20 flies, but it says 18. the math isnt adding up or I am missing something
  4. oh, ur not keeping ur own fly. i see.
  5. I'd expect ties to be pretty simple, so we'll see if there's interest. This is why I thought a quick turn around might work. Any flies that have fished good for you and maybe stems from the basic blood worm or say a red but chironomid. I reworded the original post.
    From past swaps doesn't seem necessary to send in couple patterns of your own fly to have them mailed back.
    I'd take pics of all and post.
  6. steeli, my two best blood worm patterns are one material each not counting the thread and hook so unless that changes I'm out of this one. I'd love to be in on it otherwise. Both of these patterns are proven fish catchers with lots of forum members witnessing first hand there ability (can I get a witness, what what).

    Let me know if you change your mind.

    Maybe I should start another chironomid swap.
  7. Ira, mine is like yours. Mine is red wire wound on the hook. It serves to get the fly down fast and does catch the occasional dumb recently stocked, tank trout.
  8. Everyone's that's replied, let's keep it simple. If they catch fish it doesn't matter the number of materials. Actually my favorite blooded fly is the same; basically one material. Who else is in?
  9. I will do this one too!
  10. Count me in.....
  11. I would like to play. So two sets of nine midges?
  12. If there's still room I'd like in.
  13. Ok, this refined idea for the bugs seems better. I'll send out PM address info around next week.
    Still a few spots open!
  14. Steeli, you missed Blue?

  15. Thanks, got two spots left.
    You can tie two different patterns or send in two of the same killer pattern; either way 18 total bugs.
  16. If everyone will send a bigger return envelope like the 5" X 7" or 6" X 9", I would like to include a slip indicator with my flies. Should cost much more.
  17. Thats a cool thought Blue!
  18. I meant it "shouldn't" cost much more, he, he, he. I just thought these work together, slip indicator and Chronomids.
  19. I'll play..........Stillwater is in my near future with a bad knee that needs surgery.
  20. Like the indicator offer. Swappers please remember the envelopes and postage/$'s.
    You're in Etamamam.

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