Blooded Midge Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by steeli, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Got your's today nailbender...real nice ties.
    Sounds like some may be in transit now... How's everyone else coming along?
    Deadline coming this weekend... rest should be stamped and in the mail the next day or two.
    Based on what I've seen so far, everyone's going to have great bugs for early spring...
  2. Goodie, Goodie, Goodie.
  3. mine were mailed a few minutes ago.
  4. just mailed them off and they should be there by Friday.
  5. Great everyone.
    There might be a straggler or two with the deadline.
    I'll likely stick to our original deadline though as the rest sound like will be flying in...
    Got Ira's and Ron's today...
  6. Status posted at the top of the thread. After today's mail, 2 left to arrive.
  7. I'm afraid I must bow out of this one. Just got out of the hospital with pancreatitis and just haven't had any chance to tie and wont at least thru the weekend. My aplologies but I have to care care of this.

  8. Man, sorry to hear that Nick. Best wishes to a full recovery.
    There's always next time man. ;-)
  9. I hope you get some good news today!
  10. Go ahead and keep the extra flies Steeli.....Thanks for running such a fine swap.....
  11. Thank you. I've now got all the bugs and they really are a great looking bunch of flies.
    Yes, sorry about your situation Nick...get well.
    I thought with the simplicity of this swap we'd maybe get duplicates from different tyers'....not the case at all.
    I'll finish tagging some of the bugs, dividing, snapping some pictures to post, and getting in the mail for Monday.
  12. That goes for me to, keep the extras Thanks for hosting this swap.
  13. Ron,

    Tagging wasn't included in the rules. I didn't tag mine as I didn't get any instructions to do so. If I did, I would have. I should mention this is my first swap. Sorry Steeli, I didn't know.
  14. I undertand the rules part and this swap has gone well, no worries on my part. Wasn't intending to call out on anyone. Usually one or two forget the postage or envelopes; not the case this time which is great. Ron and Blue have standout tags as nice examples; much appreciated.
    A bit behind on my weekend chores but bugs should still get out in next day or two....
  15. bugs split up for packaging :thumb:
  16. I "tie" (wind) the wire bloodworm that I sent in red and green. The green worked quite well at Quincy Lake today.
  17. Ron, as a swap meister at times and as someone who receives flies, I actually do no like the tags. Or me it is kind of a pain in the butt to undo the tags and put them in my boxes. When I want to know who tied a pattern I look back at the photos in the gallery. Just me, but I did "tag" my flies with a piece of cardboard and my name.
  18. Bugs are in today's mail.
  19. I hear you on the photos, that's when I'd bug the meister. I look forward to your bugs as well.
  20. Steeli,
    Thank you for hosting the swap.Thank you to all the tiers you have done great work.I can see i need to improve my chrono tying skills.
    Thank you all that were involved.

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