Blooded Midge Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by steeli, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. I will gladly take and post some photos of the swap flies if ya want.
  2. My flies came today, thanks to everybody. Steeli thank you for running the swap,and Blue for the indicator.

  3. Etamaman...yes please take pics to post! Thanks
    I messed around with my digital camera much of last night and can't get the autofocus to work right at all for these small bugs....nothing but fuzzy pics.Somehow I must have messed up a camera setting somewhere so got to go find the camera manual to find steps X Y and Z on setting up to take microzoom pics.
  4. Nice bugs all! Mine, as zenleecher calls it, is the string thing tied on the red hook, one is just red super floss, and the other is red super floss with a black wire rib. When I see blood worms that are a bit thicker and a bit darker the wire ribbed bug works well. The plain red pattern is as many on the forum can attest to is a killer pattern, don't overlook it in your box when fish are taking blood worms specifically. I know I'm looking forward to tying on several of these patterns.

  5. The name "the string thing" is kinda catchy. I got my flies today and will inspect them closely. They all look good, real good.
  6. Sorry for the latency......For some reason after I updated Mozilla and refined the Google settings, I could not get back into this site until now. Maybe it was because you guys were down upgrading the site around the same time.....
    Anyhow, thanks for the great flies everyone. Some great looking patterns that have me looking forward to dusting off the boat and getting back into the stillwaters when it warms.
    And no problem with me taking the photos. I should get them up tonight, as long as I can figure out how to post them on here.
    Thanks for the My-Tee_Fine Swap Steeli.....:cool:
  7. Here's the photos of the swap flies in no particular order, but do not have any photos of mine yet. I will add later when I dig through my boxes.
    Let me know if I need to make any changes please.
    Note: The single fly photos are people that sent in two of the same pattern.
    Thanks again guys...This was a well organized swap for sure Steeli.

  8. Nice pics! Thanks.

  9. Nice pictures. Thanks. I think we're supposed to take the images and post them to the Photo Gallery? It looks like Chris has the spot setup already to post...
  10. Nice bugs!
  11. Thanks....finally tied up a couple to photo of my pattern submitted.
  12. Etamaman, thanks for all the pics. A nice bunch of flies.

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