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  1. I have two or three lakes in mind to do just that this weekend and the next.
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  2. have had the same thoughts about a certain Idaho stream that is small and is close enough to a population center that it gets a consistent tube hatch. but the fish find the small creeks and deep holes to hid in.
    so is everyone's favorite lake in Skagit county in danger of being too warm ?
    been told there are springs in that lake. but i don't if that's true or not.
  3. Lake Erie might be too warm fairly soon but Pass will be fine.
  4. Lake Erie should be fine, they've had a storm coldfront over Michigan all last week
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  5. I fished both Blue Lakes plus Green and Lost two weeks ago. Not one of them was under 65 on the surface. Lost Lake should have been called "Lost Cause" except for the two loons that escorted their babies around the lake all day. Really fun to watch. Green was okay but it is infested with koi and bluegill now. Little Blue produced a few nice Lahontans but they are like reeling in a bucket. Blue in the Sin fished real well both on top and below. Lots of nice fish eating damsels right in the brush and reeds. Lost is fairly shallow ( 30' at the deepest) but the others are deep and the fish have plenty of water to patrol when the surface temps get too high for them.
  6. thanks for the help. we hada good trip.

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