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  1. Alright guys, for those of you that spend more than a couple days on the water, what do you do to maintain your boa lace system? Last year, I switched from a standard lace boot to the Korkers with the boa lace and have LOVED them, especially for cold mornings....BUT....I find that after a few weeks, they begin to stick and the rubber insert starts to come out of each "eyelet". Thus far, I've just taken a can of wd40 and a pair of needle nose pliers to them to set everything where it's supposed to be, but would like a more long term solution as I wear my boots often and don't want to keep messing with them every week.
  2. Never had that issue with the BOAs. Mine was that the inner workings of the tightening knob worked inconsistently. Mostly I like the BOA part of my korkers, it was just the uppers weren't very tough.
  3. My experience with BOA's is that they always wear out and break. They are not easy to replace like traditional lace systems. They are no doubt more convenient and faster but I've also had them slip and become loose.

  4. i've given mine a squirt of lanoline-based lubricant to keep them clean and lubed, and so far no issue

  5. I had the same issues. I just rinsed mine out with water though. Eventually, I blew out my Chromes, and got the KGB's - lace system. Those things are tough, and great ankle support.

    Might try a dab of some reel grease or something. Although, not sure if that would help keep gunk out, or hold onto it more :confused:.
  6. I think the BOA system itself has a lifetime warranty. You should check on that. I may be wrong. I know you can get replacement line for it.
  7. I am on my 4th season with mine and have not found a long term solution but I have found it much easier to push insert back into place at the river while they are still wet, if I wait its always much hard to fix. I really like the boots but plan to replace them with the KGBs once these give out.
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  8. I've had a pair of BOA boots from Orvis (available Spring '14) for the season, and very pleased with them. I have had to replace the cables in one, but that's part of the field testing process - see what works and fix it. I prefer it to laces hands-down. Better fit and easier to use IMHO.
  9. Maybe they are cheaply made. I have boa snowboard boots and they haven't given me any issues. These boots get cranked down extremely hard and take a beating everytime i hit the slopes. Most high end boa style boots get great reviews over the years from snowboard mags etc.
  10. I have the BOA in my on-piste and backcountry ski boots - and they see about 120 days of use per year with zero issues. I also have them on my road cycling shoes with zero issues. They are by far the best closure system that I have used.

    I can however see that in a wading environment life could be much different - like cycling in the rain as far as fine sediment.

    And yes, BOA does have a lifetime warranty.
  11. I think I'm on my 4th season with my Korkers Guides. I probably get out about 20 times a year and usually wade/bushwhack a couple of miles each trip but don't use them in the salt and wear gravel guards when wet wading. The screens are starting to show wear but no problems with the BOA and no special maintenance required. I like the interchangeable soles so I will likely go with Korkers when the Guides are done. Laces are better for adjusting the fit and support but I like the BOA convenience so I am not sure whether it would be the Chromes, or KGBs (or their replacement models).
  12. I wade almost exclusively and found the BOA system to offer less support than traditional laces. With laces I can tighten the fit across my in-step or just at the ankle - whatever feels right and depending on what kind socks I'm wearing. However, if mostly in a boat or float tube and not walking for hours across uneven rocks, the convenience of the BOA is great.

    I had the same problem Luke describes, so gave my Korkers to one of my sons.
  13. I guess boots with the BOA system on them are for people who forgot how to tie your shoes. Or lazy people.
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  14. Life time warranty is great, if you already have another freaking pair of boots to get you by while they're in for repair. I fought through 2 years with Korkers Guides w/BOA. They sucked. I fought to keep them clean and working, meanwhile every part fell apart. Don't even look at salt water, I made that mistake. Good God what a nightmare. I fish a couple of times a week, so in general, sending boots in for warranty repair shuts me down. I will recommend what I tell my friends, don't buy those boots, they're garbage, and cost as much as all the others. I'm trying out another company now and so far I love them.

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  15. What are you talking about I will bet your shoes have velcro on them. LOL Ah heck I am just picking on you.
  16. I haven't suited up in two years. I don't even remember where I used my waders and boots last. At the way I'm using this gear it will last forever or fall apart from lack of use. I don't have to wade. Most of my fishing is done from the bank. I can't walk very far anyway. My wheels are shot.

    Edit: Hell, I don't even get wet in the summer time. If I happen to get my feet wet, it is just to cool off.
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  17. Old man thinks you have a snake around your boots
  18. As a side note I found some korkers for $79.99 new on clearance if anyone is interested.
  19. I got a pair in late spring and hose them down religiously after each use (specifically directing the water jet into the side of the dial mechanism so that I get a stream of out spraying out the middle of the knob). I wear them in salt and fresh. So far--so good...know on wood...

    I like the lube idea though...
  20. I been using BOA boots since the first Korkers came out with them. I've never broken one of the twisty lacing things (idk the technical name....) but I've have had one get so full of sand that it stopped working. The only care I give them is if I ever notice any scratching or grinding I soak them in a bucket or wash out the lacing thing until the grinding stops. Other then that I've never taken any other care. i've had 3 pairs of BOA boots and the lacing system lasts longer then the boots. I'm currently wearing the Simms BOA boot that I've had for a couple seasons of hard use and the boot is falling apart finally but the BOA is still holding strong. As far as I'm concerned BOA boots are the only way to go.

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