Border Patrol's not Stopping these migrants

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    Had over 100 Swainson hawks come in for the evening roost (we're a major stop on their migration route from South America to their breeding grounds in the US and Canada). Sorry for the crummy pics but I couldn't get any closer without flushing them from the trees (which I did; luckily, they came back) and our P&S doesn't have the best optics. Right around dark a pair of Great Horned owls which have been living in these trees started hooting and most of the hawks bolted and headed off to another part of the community we're staying at. The migration's really just starting to pick up steam and should peak over the next 3 weeks so, hopefully I'll get some better pics. Pretty cool birds, when not breeding, their diet consists mainly of insects; beautiful plumage.

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  2. Very cool Scott!
  3. That's great. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That's awesome! I enjoy raptors of all kinds!!
  5. nice photos, It must be spring migration time. In fact I expect to see the snowbirds returning north soon..
  6. I was in town doing the dreaded errands and saw a sort of spring migration myself. With the sunny weather the past two days, the pasty white soccer moms were lined up 20 deep at the spray tan place that is, unfortunately, next to the hardware store.
  7. Had 2 Swainsons directly overhead 100' apparently feeding (flying ants?) this morning. I'm guessing flying ants because I'd seen a few throughout the morning; could have been something else - the hawks appeared to partially extend their talons to grab the bugs and then reach their head down to eat; pretty cool.
    One had dark chest/light body, the other was all dark body. Forgot the camera; last time that happens.

  8. Nice trick to get me to click and look at your photos! Nice, I enjoy birds. But the reason I clicked was cuz last week I saw BP on and around our southern border, and it got me riled up. So now I'm hatin' on BP the way I hate on TSA, even tho they both put people to work who would otherwise have to do something productive. End of rant. Now back to birds. I learned that over 400 species migrate through Big Bend National Park in the spring. And outfitters offer canoe trips down the Rio Grande, although in truth the trips should be advertised as "canoe assisted wading."

  9. Saw about 200 kettle up this morning during what appeared to be a blizzard midge hatch (sorry, no pics; wife's in Great Falls on family matters and took the good camera); I'm thinking a Buzzball or Griffith's Gnat would have been effective.
    Also saw a roadrunner about 20' up in a tree; didn't know they flew that high, I've only seen them hop up into some bushes.

    Someone uploaded a vid from this morning's liftoff:

  10. Good God......I hope someone is catching all these birds and scrubbing them down! We don't want them bringing in contamination from other places into our waters like the felt on waders. What about the ducks on the flyway....You would think the Audibon people woulld be more responsible!!!!

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