Borrow a chum tamer?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Nick Clayton, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Okay I know this is a longshot but I figured what the heck. I snap the tip of my beloved the Link 890 while landing a chum this morning. I was still able to fish with it and landed quite a few more before calling it a day. I had planned to head straight to Sage to get a replacement. But then found out they're not open on weekends.

    I have plans to go back out tomorrow hopefully with Ira if he can make it, so I was wondering if any of the Kitsap gang had a cheap 8 weight they wouldn't mind loaning me for a couple days.

    It's not the end of the world if I can't find something, worst case I will just fish the same rod without the tip again.

    Would be glad to provide beer or fresh smoked salmon in return.

    Oh and the off-chance anybody has a tip section for a link 890 let me know. Lol
  2. No rod for you to borrow, but, if you are going to fish it, maybe you can get a tip top for it, fish it until you get it back to Sage. Have fun.
  3. Hmmm... I'm not familiar with the term tip top?
  4. I'll set one in the front right car deck of the next Kingston ferry. Hopefully it'll still be there for you to pick up....

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  5. Heat the tip top of the broken section to get it off. Put it back on the good section where it broke. You may have to lightly sand it to get the right diameter but it should work.... depending on how much of your tip you broke.
  6. Unfortunately its the very tip that broke. Just above the last snake guide. It still fished OK but kinda cast like shit. Luckily I don't have to cast far, and the wind this morning all I had to do was lift line in the air and watch it sail... but I'm worried as it is now it wont last much longer.

    Breaking rods on fish is the type of problem I really can't complain about. I'm just heartbroken since the Link was discontinued so I'm not sure if they'll be able to fix or will just upgrade to the Vapen or something
  7. And of course I have backups to all my gear... except the rod I chase big, mean fish with. Brilliant. Lol
  8. Remove the tip top (final guide at tip of rod) and put it right above the snake guide.
  9. Guess I can't complain about my old, cheap Albright Topwater 8/9. Hooked about 10 Chum and landed 5 in MA 10 west with nary a complaint! Other than the gear guys who thought I was doing too well. :rolleyes:;)
  10. Hmmmm.... broken at the last snake guide. You will probably need to upline to a 9 wt after that.:oops:
  11. Hmm Dennis I wonder if you were the other fly guy we saw brave enough to play in the wind this morning.
  12. Nope. It was fillet and brine day today.
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  13. I have a loaner TFO TiCR 890 you can borrow.
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  14. Thanks so much for all the generous offers! I ended to fishing my tipless rod all day, and Ira ended up bringing several rods so I was covered.

    Oh, and it turns out Ira is a chum whisperer, in case anyone was curious
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