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  1. Sunday morning before the Seahawks slaughtered Denver we headed down to Gallagher's to bottle our first batch of beer we brewed two weeks earlier.They got our keg set up to bottle and we started to load empties in the sanitizer to get them ready. Here's Rick loading up some bottles:


    Then we set up the flow just right and Scott started filling them up. There's no stopping, just fill one and get the next one under the tap and keep going. Scott's doing the swap out now...


    Soon we had a regular production line going. One guy would be filling and the next would crimp a cap on the filled bottle. With as much taste testing as we did, it's amazing we did so well. But we got a rhythm going and soon we filled up about 6 cases of beer.



    Once the hard work :rolleyes: was done we headed out to the tailgate for lunch. Rick brought burgers, potato salad, and delicious home canned pickles this time.


    Scott fired up his grill and soon we had plates filled with great food. We settled in and chowed down. There was little chance of having these guys pause and pose with hot burgers in front of them. :)


    Your's truly had to hit the road right after lunch so I didn't have time until later to put the finishing touches on my share of the beer. I found a neat site (GrogTags) that has easy DIY labels.


    This has been so much fun to get together and do this with friends. We're all eager to brew the next batch of nut brown ale. Summer will probably bring a wheat ale or other clean crisp ale...we'll see.
  2. A curly haired huntin' dog! Gotta love it!

  3. I don't miss bottling at all. Built a tap system and haven't looked back since. But you're paying your dues :) I think I filled a few thousand bottles before I threw in the towel.
  4. One of the great things about doing things with these guys is that Roper always has great photos to remind us of our times together! Thanks Rick! I had a little of the new porter while watching the slaughter! Fun time. Rick
  5. Mr. Todd - Thanks for brining the food.
  6. Agreed. Keg is so much easier, and no question about getting the right amount of carbonating sugar with exploding bottles.
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  7. I was actually surprised how fast the bottling went. Since I frequently take my beer along on the river etc, I don't think a keg would work for me:)! Also, I doubt I could drink a keg fast enough before it went flat. Rick
  8. Kegs don't go flat. You keep them hooked up to a co2 line. I have a barleywine I've had kegged up for almost 2yrs now, aging nicely.

    You can also bottle from kegs. The carbonation is already done. You get a counter-pressure bottle filler and in the bottle it goes.

    Here's what I built up to serve with:
  9. Old Man Roper.... very funny! Grueling work.
    Bottling, tailgating and watching some whoopass. A good day.
  10. Nice! Evan, I am about to throw the towel in myself, I am tired of cleaning bottles. Once I get the move over with and my fishing comes to a screaching halt that should free up the cash I need to start kegging.
  11. nice project Evan! I can see where this would work good for home brewing. The place we are doing this (Gallaghers in Edmonds) has automatic bottle washers and it is really quick to bottle. (I think we did 6 cases in 45 minutes-just enough time to down a couple pints!)

  12. As Evan mentioned, a keg hooked up to CO2 won't go flat, so you could just pick up an aluminum growler ( and fill it from your keg and not have to worry about broken bottles on the river.
  13. Alpine-now I know a 64OZ growler would go flat before I drank it all (on the river or lake!):) I'm usually a 3 beer per day guy. Much more and my casting looks even worse than normal! I'm also not sure how big a cooler I would need to fit a 64oz growler and for sure there is not enough room on my pontoon boat! Rick
  14. I feel as he's infringing on my handle.
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  15. I suppose you'll want some royalties for that, huh?

    Tough! Get over it Jim...:p
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  16. I'm sure you could find someone to help.;)
  17. Very cool. Made me thirsty just reading and viewing the beer post!

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  18. Every time I see Rick Todd he's having fun in good company. When can I retire..?
  19. Now that's an interesting setup, Evan! I'll have to discuss this with my daughter when she comes up later this month-she's the brewmistress for our Clan. You guys should have seen her drive up to the Highland Games in Woodland CA one year with over 60 gallons of beer in the trunk of here Jetta, complete with the jockey box! It's a wonder she could even steer the car! How hard is it to brew a Belgian White, I wonder?
  20. Oh yeah, one other thing... You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for participating in the basketball game festivities the other day. What was it, 43 to 8, or something like that? Poor little Shetland Ponies...:D

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