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  1. It's actually one of the most difficult ales to do well. I've only done it once, since I'm not a particularly big fan of the style.
  2. I see the Rheinlander box in the background and fondly remember my days in the 80s at Wazzu!
  3. I brewed / bottled back in the 70' and the cheapest beer for the empties for the Reinlander, $5.85 a case. I used the Grolsch for my share.

    That smile on Rick's face is because he and Islander are retired and thankful that Roper & I are still working and helping to pay for that retirement.....
  4. I have done a few Belgian's, they aren't as hard as you would think. I want to try a Shandy this summer, but right now I am a little low on the double IPA stockpiles.
  5. Most belgian styles are quite easy to do because there's a lot of leeway in the yeast character. Belgian whites are a whole other animal, though.
  6. The only problem I have had on a Belgian white was my airlock clogged up, pressure built up and shot my airlock to the ceiling. My wife was not as impressed by that as I was since I ferment in her laundry room. There was beer EVERYWHERE. I did a pumpkin ale last fall, it gave me the most problems. It had so much fermentables in it it tasted like pumpkie pie whiskey and gave you a headache from all the fussil alcohol.
  7. Their recipe list shows a Belgian White (#40 on their list). Also shown is a Belgian Tripple at a whopping 8.2 percent...:confused:
  8. My barleywine currently in the keg is 11.5%
  9. Heady stuff, boys; heady stuff!!!
  10. Do you have a kegerator setup? I miss mine from school. Live so close to the redhook brewery now it would be so convienent.
  11. For one... if you live close to Budhook, why would you get their crap beer over Black Raven, Triplehorn, or Dirty Bucket?

    I linked my Kegerator setup on the first page. I put up pictures of the build project.
  12. Ahh thanks didnt see it.

    As for redhook, the girlfriend likes it which is half the battle!

    Blackraven is pretty good
  13. Black Raven is one of the best in the NW. Possibly the best along with Chuckanut.

    Redhook is far below average in quality. I used to get a paycheck from making the redhook crap... so I'm extra critical.
  14. You guys will be happy to know I'm actually working today! The new owner of my dental practice is a Seahawks season ticket holder and is in Seattle for the celebration and I'm substituting for him-so I'm really not totally retired:) Rick
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  15. All preferences in taste I guess. Put black raven in Bend and it wouldn't crack the top 5 in my book. But up here? Its near the top of the list.

    Part of that is probably because I'm at black raven once a month and bend 2-3 times/yr, so I guess I'm biased.
  16. You just sold your dental practice? Congrats! GF's dad just sold his on Friday and my dad is probably going to sell his in the next few years up here.
  17. Issue with Budhook is that there is an off flavor in their beer from poor process. An off flavor they intentionally seek out (due to poor brewing practice they made their standard back in the 80s).
  18. Ahhh interesting. I know nothing about brewing, just know if I enjoy the taste or not. Did you work w/ a guy named Belobradic?
  19. No idea who that is. But yeah... There's a few flavors that once someone points it out to you, it ruins a lot of poorly brewed beer for you.

    In the case of Redhook (and many others), that flavor is buttered popcorn.
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  20. I sold it in November 2012. Since then I've been working one day a week on Monday. Fill in for the new guy occasionally. Perfect set up for me as I still like dentistry and seeing all my old patients who are like friends to me! Gives me lots of time to fish and hunt and ski! Rick
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