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  1. Porter

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    Opening boating season this weekend. I thought I share a book review. " Boys In The Boat"

    Regarding the 1936 UW 8-man rowing crew team. An excellent account of the times. A sporting history that no longer exists with the same attention ( be careful NBA. MLB, NFL)...80,000 at a crew race!!!. . . Wow! Not today. Brave individuals back then. If you read it you will realize for many that some childhoods were gravy built on the backs of these individuals. I can kinda relate to it because my parents were in that era. It is a simple read, but I was amazed, and it reminded me that we are in this together. . . . . ? ?
  2. Kent Lufkin

    Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

    Great read!

  3. jwg

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    It's a wonderful book and the main character experienced so much history, not only the Olympics in nazi Germany, but also working construction on the grand Coolee dam, and lived various locations around wa state and northern Id. And a heartbreaking early family life highlighting the critical importance of our family connections.
    A must read.
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  4. Old Man

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    That sport seems to have fallen on bad times. Before we had the internet and every body had computers. I tried to keep up on Crew racing. I haven't seen much of it anymore. I never watched any of it. To me it's like car road racing you only see a glimpse of it now and then and then it's gone by you.
  5. teedub

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    They race at night in Montana!
  6. John Dude

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    I knew one of the guys in the boat, before he died about 15 years ago. He went by the name Shorty Hunt. He was about 6'5". I was disappointed he was hardly
    mentioned in the book
  7. Kent Lufkin

    Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

    An occasional fishing friend and one of the biggest guys I've ever met is 6'7" or so and pushing 280. When we first met I asked him if he played ball. He gave me a sheepish grin and said, "No, I pulled crew for Cal."

  8. lylelovett666

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    One of the yards I work for got the job last year to rebuild the UW's launch that that the rowing team uses. About a year to rebuild the 30' boat. We ended up replacing everything with the exception of the stringers. image.jpg
  9. David Loy

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    Looks like a rewarding project. I hope to see it on the water soon.
    A daughter raced crew for Holy Names Academy a few years ago. Was a lot of fun going to events around the NW, SD and Boston. One day she was in an "eight" on Lake Union and the cox steered them into the back of a classic old wood Cris Craft, two gentlemen just drifting on the lake. Literally speared it like an olive. Luckily no one was injured or sunk but I'm sure it was a pricey fix. Same cox had a history of hitting bouys and bridges, but she was the coaches favorite somehow.
  10. KerryS

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    I knew John White quite well. He lived on Lopez Island during much of the time I was living there. I would talk with him about once a week. John was instrumental in helping me overcome some personal life issues. He was always very humble and willing to help anyone.
  11. steelydan

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    I was lucky enough to know Rusty Wailes for a short time before his death.(1956 and 1960 Gold Medal rower)
    We spent hours talking about his retirement plans and efforts for steelhead habitat restoration on the Skykomish.
    Very modest man for his accomplishments.
  12. Alex MacDonald

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    I've had occasion to watch some of the boats in CA on Lake Natoma near Rancho Cordova as they practiced for upcoming races, and man oh man, do they haul ASS!!! The open water equivalent was once when we were kayak camping in Barkley Sound, when a large "war" canoe crewed by a bunch of First Nations paddlers came around the point, with a decent-sized motor launch in pursuit-which is exactly what it amounted to! The canoe was almost planing, and putting out a decent wake. Quite a sight!
  13. lylelovett666

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    Went in the water Thursday,and it looked good and ran fine. The husky crew was thrilled as was the guy who actually paid for it all.
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  14. lylelovett666

    lylelovett666 Active Member

    Went in the water Thursday,and it looked good and ran fine. The husky crew was thrilled as was the guy who actually paid for it all.
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  15. GAT

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    Looks great! I don't own a boat but I certainly appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into building them ... similar to bamboo rods and laminated long bows.
  16. David Loy

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    What a beauty. I'll watch for it. I've never built a rod, and wouldn't under estimate the effort. I have built a couple boats in the distant past. They're pretty tough. Barely a square cut in them in my experience. I'm great with a skillsaw and 2x4 or plywood but my expertice pretty much ends there. I've always loved boats, more than any car.