Bridge collapse

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  1. It certainly won't be easy or quick to replace. Nor will it be cheap. My guess is it will cost in the neighborhood of 100 million if they build a new bridge from scratch. There is talk of replacing the collapsed span until a new bridge can be built.

    This valley is going to be a mess traffic wise for a long time. Glad I both live and work on the north side of the bridge and have little need to visit anything south of here.
  2. If anyone has a sneak route feel free to PM me. I travel between Gig Harbor and Glacier a bit. Thanks!
  3. There aren't really any "sneak routes" to get from here to there. Everything is on the map and will be known by anyone trying to go north or south. Unless you have an airplane, there's no way around it.
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  4. Timely that you have a new fly shop up there too. Keeping it stocked might be tougher.
    Good luck Northerners.
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  5. The Oversized load, was it Todd Hoffman on his way to Alaska with a new piece of mining equipment??
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  6. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. However, I must agree, our bridges are in bad shape and this is a sign of the times to come. Hwys and bridges simply do not last forever and do require repairs. If no one wants to pay to keep the hwy system up and running, we get what we get.
  7. Neither - he is a Canadian (from Alberta).
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  8. Most of the bridges in our national hwy system are designated a grade D. Without repair they will get worse... and are. I think about that when I drive across some the of ancient bridges on Oregon's hwy 101 along the coast. It's a loooong way down.
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  9. i know im taking the ferry now everytime i want to get off the island to go down south traffic is gonna be horrible
  10. One report I read said that the Columbia River I-5 bridge is the same construction style and has had significantly lower ratings in evaluations over the years, meaning it is in worse shape than the Skagit bridge was. The Oregon legislature has committed to their share of funding to replace it, but our legislature has been holding up action on funding. Maybe this will give them a little more sense of the urgency involved with replacing that bridge.
  11. I have suddenly developed some weird kind of respect for Old Man Jim's almost prescient fear of bridges. I used to chuckle over my opinion that his fear was unreasonable. NOT any more!:eek:
    Anybody know when the Astoria Bridge was built?
  12. Fortunately, it's one of the "newer" bridges. I believe the one that fell in the Skagit was built in the 50s.
  13. If you live in that area you can always find another way to go. I know I could and I haven't been there for 7 years.
  14. Pilot's license!
  15. I hit it with my new 20 ft. 15 wt spey rod in a Sumo carrier.
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  16. I believe the disagreement on funding the Columbia bridge connecting Vancouver and Portland is that the Oregon plan is for the bridge to include a light rail line so people on the Washington side can connect with Portland's excellent transit system.

    The McCleary decision by the Washington Supreme Court mandates that the state cough up at least $1B to make up for historically underfunding K-12 education. Make no mistake, this is NOT some optional or frivolous expense that can be deferred or ignored.

    The state's revenue is based on taxes and fees and thanks to the economy, all income forecasts for the foreseeable future are much more modest than anyone hoped for, making the hurt from the McCleary decision all the more painful. The additional cost for the Oregon version of the Columbia bridge is an expense that's probably not likely to be approved as is.

  17. Can you say "increase in gas tax?"

  18. Thats where all that money from the new weed tax will come in handy
  19. There is so much frivolous waste in the WSDOT and other state programs that needs to stop and prioritize basic needs projects. But they don't care, gotta keep the special interest groups and lobbyists happy....(keep the political contributions coming).
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  20. Good point. Oh well, maybe something will be done when more bridges start collapsing and people are killed.

    They had to start letting criminals out of prison in Eugene and the criminals went back to committing crime within hours of their release before the voters in Eugene decided they did need to pay for a new jail.

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