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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by DennisE, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Colvos Passage Wednesday. New (to me) Duroboat 14. Had strikes, landed one, didn't sink boat.

    Now the plan is to rinse and repeat.
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  2. I used to have a 14 ft. Duroboat boat for fly fishing on Puget Sound. It was a great boat since it was so seaworthy for such a small boat. I got caught out in some strong winds a couple of times and the Duroboat handled the big waves a lot better than the 15 ft. Smokercraft which I have now. Hope that you have many enjoyable days in your Duroboat.

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  3. I'm thinking about getting a boat for PS fishing, something in the 14 - 16 ft. range and have looked at both the Smokercrafts and Duroboats.

    Roger, as someone who's owned both, can you tell me the good and bad points of each brand? Thanks!
  4. Sorry that I have not responded to you sooner. Below are my quick thoughts on both boat.

    1. Walk around layout.
    2 Side console with windsheld and comfortable seat.
    3.Pretty light boat that is easy to trailer and launch.

    1. Rivetted hull. Some rivets will loosen up and leak
    2. Moderate V does not handle big waves as well as the Duroboat.
    3. Low sides. I put 12 inch high and 5 foot long aluminum rail along both back sides. It is not an issue anymore.

    DUROBOAT(14 ft.)
    1. Non-rivetted hull. It should not leak.
    2. Deep V-bottom handles big waves pretty well.
    3. High sides.

    1. Middle cross seat made it difficult to move around in boat sometimes. Step through center seat would help.
    2. Metal seats are uncomfortable.
    3. Moderately heavy boat.

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  5. Good info, Roger and thanks! :)
  6. Re the Duroboat. I've discovered it acts like it has a lot of rocker. The wind tends to change your direction a lot when you're trying to drift or row.

    Each time I take it out I find something else I need for it. Last was ez-gliders for the bunks (which work like a champ, by the way). Now I need a sea anchor for drifting/rowing downwind. I can probably use it to reduce my speed a little bit when trolling under power. The 2-stroke 25 horse only throttles down so far, but I wouldn't want anything smaller. It pushes the boat with 2 people and gear quickly into plane and then maintains it at lower throttle.

    This one had seats mounted on brackets that overlap the bench seat edges. Allows them to slide from one side of the bench to the other without a permanent mount. I like the design. Two rear bench seats seem nice and wide which allows a little butt position flexibility.

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