Broken Hearted

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  1. Picked up my non-member reservation license today. Perusing through the new rule pamphlet, I noticed a few changes right away. A couple lakes I like to fish are now open for a winter season.
    I skimmed ahead to see if the San Poil still had it's usual opening date of May 1st.....
    The San Poil river, West Fork of the San Poil, and all tributaries are completely closed waters for 2014! I grew up fly fishing these little freestones, and consider them the best in Washington.
    No reasons are given. I'm going to dig around a little to see if there is an explanation. This is unprecedented in my lifetime:(
  2. anything changed on the San Poil arm?
  3. Dear friend of mine passed on some years back used to tell me of the days he caught steelhead, regularly on the San P before the dams went in. He too, was broken hearted.
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  4. For most of the nineties that river was damaged goods. The squawfish population exploded in Lake Roosevelt, and infested the river. The trout population suffered, and for the first time smallmouth were discovered above silver creek.
    The river had finally made an amazing reversal, with the native redband population coming back strong. More brookies were showing up, but the river seemed to be finally "healing" itself. The entire rez section has been catch and release for years. Why shut it down now that it's the best I've ever seen it?
  5. Well bummer that; post back with whatever you find out.
  6. I first started fly fishing on a small creek in the Oregon Cascades (long story that had to do with skinny dipping) called Canyon Creek.

    Beautiful little creek.

    One year, it showed up in the angling regulations as closed to all fishing.

    I had no idea why. Eventually, I talked with a ODF&W zone biologist and asked him if he knew why they closed Canyon Creek. He told he they permanently closed it to fishing because wild steelhead used the creek for spawning.

    Oh. We did see a one steelhead up there... once.

    No wonder we never caught a trout any larger than the size of a steelhead smolt.

    Is there a chance they closed the San Poil due to the presence of a wild, native fish that inhabits the river?
  7. Wow, that stinks. One of the few rivers that was open before June.
  8. In past years the San Poil was open to keeping all spiny rays and trout could be kept on the rez portion to I think 13 mile and then it became catch and release to the rez boundary. I can look it up, I have the old fishing pamphlet. Could it be that they do not want fisherman interference as they remove non-salmonids through electrofishing and perhaps other methods ? Maybe they do not want the added stress and fish loss from fishing. Electrofishing will kill some salmonids, no way around it.
  9. Thought you were heart broken because we all like Enlightened better.
    Bummed your water is closed.
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  10. That sucks big time. At least you saved me from driving to Keller and then finding out. I do appreciate that.
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  11. No snow fall=no run off;)
  12. clearly it's a plot to keep you home doing honey do's, no good can come from this..
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  13. No Friggin Way !! F*ck this place !!!!

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