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  1. I brown the reel foot on an old Browning 1230 click pawl reel. I really like this reel and how it matches up with an old glass rod I have. My question is if there is any way to salvage the reel? It looks like the foot screws of, so best case scenario is that I find a spare foot of roughly the same size with the same screw holes to replace it.

    Photos of the model can be found here. I didn't have time to snap a pic of the reel this morning or measure the foot base. I'll do that tonight. If anyone thinks they might have something that would work let me know.
  2. Gary,
    I don't have a "bone pile" of old fly reels, but someone certainly does. John's Sporting Goods in Everett may be a souce, if you took the reel with you. There may be others closer to your home as well (Ted's in Lynnwood?). This is doable and worth the trouble if you place value in the reel. The old established tackle shops that used to actually fix broken things...
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  3. If you can't find a replacement locally, there's a reel repair magician down in Grants Pass, Or. that can probably help you out. Bill is creative, capable and reasonably priced from the work I've seen him perform on reels.
    I hope it's okay to provide the link here. If not mod's., please delete my post.
  4. I bought an older Lamson that had a missing clutch assembly. Bill had one laying around and shipped it off quickly. He probably has reel feet also.
  5. He repaired my old Hardy Zenith for me. Great work.

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