Brown Glass Rod?

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  1. Yesterday I found an old, brown fiberglass, rod at a garage sale. The label is almost gone,but I can make out the letters MO at the top left in a gold oval, outlined in black. I'm thinking "MOHAWK"? Another unique feature is the RED reel seat which looks like it may be covered in plastic. The reel seat is a down ring-compression unit. The snake eyes are very compact and all the wraps looked fine too. I spent some time today cleaning it up and I think it looks sweet! No nicks or bumps and the metal ferrules are tight. I dug out an old reel with a 6wt WFF line on it and I would say, after lawn casting it for about 30 minutes, that this 7 1/2 Ft 2pc rod is indeed a 6wt. I can't wait to get on the river with this old rod.
    If anyone has any clue about what brand or year this rod might be I'd sure like to know.
    Here are some pics.

    Oh yeah, I paid $5 bucks for it and a yellow glass, Eagle Claw 7ft spinning rod that looks like new after a good cleaning.

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  2. Looks like a Horrocks-Ibbotson Mohawk to me. I sure like those old tobacco glass rods. You got yourself a bargain.
  3. Thanks rockthief, that is what I was thinking too. I haven't found anything about the year of mfg. I did note that the red plastic cover on the reel-seat was only used prior to WW2. I'll be fishing with it Tuesday and Thursday of this week, I'll post a report and more pics after that.

  4. At least one model of the H-I Buddy had a red plastic reel seat
  5. Montague??? They DID use a yellow/black label. Though that does look a little different. By the look of it that's a Conolon blank. I'd bet six beers on it. I've built a few great rods on Conolon blanks. Great glass. Good deal.
  6. papafish,
    I had that very same rod in the early 1960's. It was my "panfish" rod. I remember not liking the candy cane wraps but I can't remember the brand. I do know, however, that the H&I Mohawk Decal was much, much larger. It often was placed length wise on the rod or at an angle and usually featured the side view of and Indian head with headress.
    Yours looks very much like a Montague decal which was placed perpendicular to the rod and sometimes on an angle. Montague did make hollow glass rods. Looks like one. Can you get a better photo of the decal? That would help.
  7. I am betting on a Montague. The reel seat and the candy cane wraps are identical to my Montague. I just finished re-rapping mine and updating the guides today. I wasn't concerned about re-rapping with the same raps as the original since it is not a high value rod. I did it the way I wanted, in green an yellow. High value isn't that important to me. I enjoy bring old things back to life and making them serviceable again. The important thing is the enjoyment we get when we use them.

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  8. I don't know if that's a Horrocks-Ibbotson rod too. I have a 1961 H-I Catalog and nothing of that rods resembles the Mohawk rods shown in that catalog although I believe that rod is probably a little bit older. I have a Buddy rod (sweet rod by the way) like Rockthief but the red plastic reel seat looks quite different than the rod pictured above.

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