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  1. I have caught a few browns in the lakes around here but i am really wanting to find some browns in the rivers. Does anyone know about any places where i can get into some brown fishing? Im not asking for any secret spots but i am still pretty new to fly fishing rivers around western washington. Any help would be greatly appriciated.
  2. There on the easy side
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  3. That's supposed to be east
  4. +1 on Joe's post. Browns in Washington are found almost exclusively in lakes and creeks east of the Cascades. To my knowledge, none have ever been planted in west side streams (or if they have, it's been a LONG time ago and they didn't establish.)

  5. If you look through the regs for the east side, you'll see mention of browns in various rivers and creeks. That can give you a clue as to where to look for them.

  6. Thanks for the info guys. I was really hoping that we had some in the rivers on this side of the state but ill just have to make it out that way on a 4 day sometime next month.
  7. I caught a few in the Touchet river (Near Dayton) many years back. Nothing especially large. I doubt they still stock it, but browns have a way of holding on years after stocking ends...
  8. I'm down to split gas and expenses on the 4 day if you want Sky. I'm definitely down to do some exploring.
  9. Sounds like a plan thomas ill see if james wants to go as well i owe him a drive somewhere since last he has driven twice.
  10. take out the word "last" it does not make since in the sentance.
  11. Definately and eastside thing, although it can happen on his side of the state though it is very rare.
    A buddy of mine caught a nice size brown below the barrier damn on the Cowlitz. I believe they at one time planted browns in either Mayfield or Riffe. I know for sure they planted them in Swofford Pond, since I've caught them there.
    Best guess it was washed out of the lake and managed to survive. Not a bad place for a brown to live considering the amount of meals the hatchery releases.
  12. There are no browns over here. They are only in Pass Lake.
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  13. Mineral lake has a few.. I get the feeling that Mineral lake is one that many do not pay attention to.
  14. Spanaway, Rapjohn and Silver lakes in your own backyard both have some nice browns as well.
  15. Clear Fork of the Cowlitz has a few in it above Packwood, as well as several high lakes around here. The ones in the Clear Fork have migrated down from a couple lakes at it's headwaters.
  16. Try Cranberry lake up on the island. To get there you go by Pass lake. There's Browns in there also
  17. I pulled a 17 or 18 incher out of Green Lake in Seattle several years ago. It was mid-February, got it on a muddler near shore.

    At the time (with only a couple years of fly fishing) it was the biggest fish I'd ever got on a fly rod.
  18. Yup sounds good.
  19. They are really careful about where browns get planted since they are voracious fish eaters and if they took hold they could do a lot of damage to salmon and steelhead runs. There are some rivers over here that have what looks like amazing brown habitat. Too bad, but very necessary.
  20. I have fished spanaway a few times and never caught a brown out of there a few bows and a few largemouth

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