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  1. Montana my friend
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  2. I have not had leave in 2 years i dont think my wife would be too happy if the only leave i got in 2 years involved a multi day fishing trip to Montana lol. I will keep montana in mind though i think i have some family somewhere around there.
  3. well if u have that much leave on the books why not use a week devoted to Montana at some point.

    remember because ur smart enough, good enough and dog gonnit people like you
  4. ha ha im planning a family trip for april of next year to take about 2 weeks to get to oklahoma from here (stopping to fish), and then ill be going to the bahamas and try my hand at bone fishing.
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  5. Utah too. Went to school there and the browns were monsters.
  6. There are no fish to be caught in Montana by out of staters.
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  7. Move along. These are not the browns you want.
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  8. Sometimes even the people that live in Montana don't catch fish.....
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  9. True.
  10. Wyoming !! Wyoming !! Grasshopper !!!
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