bubba r us day on the sky

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  1. well drover over the hump to the wet side ,was gonna start on the sno homish in everett ,but the tide was out (forgot to check table ) so I ended up on the sky in different spots and was surrounded by bubbas on a weekday no less!!!:oops: had a total of 6 on for the day however 5 of those were released by the bubbas:mad: seems they did not get the memo that when a person gets a fish on you should remove your gear from the river :eek: fly lines make a great tangle with spinning lines!! finall in disgust went up to sultan only 2 of us there on the boat ramp bar . I managed to convert a gear guy to flies :) whe he seen the scrap a buck of about 5 or so pounds put up , he had fished all day without any love so I rigged up his rod with a slinky and some of my flies told him to cast out as far as he could ,and slowwwwwly reel and jig it back. I don't know who was having more fun him finally catching his first limit of pinks or me teaching him a few new tricks :D well next time I will watch the tide as the one fish i kept was borderline for the smoker , meanwhile gotta tie some more flies I have been using pink crytal flash and tying it like a teeny nymph style the bite has been agressive smitty
  2. What's a "bubba"? Do they type in a way that is easier to read? Emoticons are great, but punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure is more important. After squinting at my screen, I think you are saying that you caught one fish. Great job!
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  3. You know, it's like in "Rapper's Delight":

    I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast,
    But we like hot butter on our breakfast toast
    Rock it up, Baby Bubba!
    Baby Bubba to the humpy da bang bang da humpy
    To the beat, beat, it's unique
    Come on everybody and dance to the beat!
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  4. Bubba spoken here!
  5. I understood it. You have to be able to read bubbaeise to really understand it.
  6. I live in Sedro so you know I speak "bubba"
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  7. I must be part bubba because I got a lot more out of the post than he "caught one fish". It sounded like a really good day on the water from the writers perspective. Heck, he's got periods, commas, exclamation points and everything. What more do you want to insure your sensibilities aren't bruised.

    Maybe you should go back and read it again more slowly to get the full story.

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  8. Being from Montucky, I am a Bubba in denial. Good job helping get the guy onto some fish with flies.
  9. The toughest thing about combat fishing is always manners and etiquette. If you don't care about those things OR you're up for a fight, go ahead on. I'm 5'9" and 150lbs dripping wet (sorry for the image). So I don't start too many fights. I'm good enough at it, but I have no weight ballast for the close game. You learn this sort of thing the hard way. That, combined with my big mouth, keeps me away from the combat fishing. I just drive away.

    Well... Sometimes when I'm desperate to fish a good spot on a bubba day (weekend) I'll go and just try to be charming and patient. This actually works more often than not. Most of that group only get half of what I'm saying and less of what I mean. So snarky insults go largely unnoticed. The folks I usually end up next to (by design) are just as stupid, but kindly. The last guy I fished next to in this sort of place actually netted my fish. I didn't really want him to, but it seemed important to him so I let it happen. I ended up talking with him in an utterly benign and mind numbing way for about twenty minutes and had to give him a business card with my phone number to get him to go away. God bless him, he hasn't called. My point is that when faced with choosing, choose the nicest bubba you can to fish next to.

  10. You can buy insurance for that kind of stuff?
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  11. Yes Rory I landed 1 fish (are you happy with the sentence structure now? LOL ) The others were lost due to tangling with the others gear ,it does happen if it is crowded. Being a former (sadly) alaskan I am well experienced in combat circuses.From your post you must be a school teacher :D By the way do not take me wrong on this reply you are right it can be easier to read just the humor in me demanding to get out .What is a bubba ? for some they are the unknowing ones who crowd rightin on top of you when there is no real room left, who leave a trail of bait ,beer and snack trash behind them . For the most part these were younger ,very inexperieced fishing wise and they did apologize when the tangles happened(there is hope for them) For the record I am not a purist type of fisherman I use what ever method is legal ,as to flies I swing as many with gear as I do traditional fly rig. Well enough of my correctly puctualized and capitol sing with a minimum of emotions rant everyone have a good day you too Rory smitty
  12. You do not. You live outside of town as per the city ordinance. So quit trying to make yourself look all sophisticated and stuff.
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  13. What? My address says Sedro Woolley. WTF? Have I been kicked out of skidrow? Oh, the shame.
  14. I never fish in a crowd. I don't care if the fish are biting, if there are more than two people fishing a hole or the area, I'm gone some place else. I fish for the fun of it, not to make it look like work.
  15. Getting hard to find a place like that JIm.

    Can I come fish with you?
    I have old gear and don't get around very well, but I have some nice
    flies, if I can see to tie them on the leader. LOL
  16. By Mayoral Decree! If you weren't up tending your still that week you would have heard it...
  17. +1
    Getting harder to find places. Example:
    Here on Whidbey this time of year it's salmon. I had the itch to fish and about two hours to do it. I drove over to Ebey's landing where the fishing is never hot, but it's rarely crowded. There were a bunch of orange cones along the parking area on the road side and the main lot was full of panel vans and folding tables. There were cops at the roads in and out. Since there were no "official" reasons or road signs offered I just nudged in between the cones and proceeded to rig up when I was approached by someone that walked over from the main lot. He explained that they were filming a TV show and asked if I would be kind enough to go away. Interesting that he asked. It implies I could have stayed if I chose to be a dick about it. Instead, and with the clock ticking, I drove to the next closest place. That is Keystone beach. This place was crowded at 2:00pm on a Tuesday! I had an odd schedule that allowed me to be there at that time, but how did all those other "dudes" get to fish that time slot. They all knew each other and clearly fished there daily. Obviously these people were all unemployed and living on the government dole so they could meat fish the best beach at the best time. There was a lot of Bud and Coors. Candy bar and chip wrappers littered about even though there is a garbage can in the parking area. A lot of wives of girlfriends came along. Mostly a little too old and fat for the kind of clothes they were wearing and way too many peek a boo tattoos showing. Just fishing next to this demographic I could feel my IQ dropping by association. I'll probably never go back. Even if I get a call from the nice guy that netted my fish without being asked.
  18. Who's the bubba? The guys fishing gear in close proximity to each other or the guy who decides to flyfish amongst a bunch of guys fishing gear in close proximity to each other....? Kind of like swinging a spoon at Reiter while everyone else is fishing a float.
  19. I know... You were there first and they all decided to crowd you after they saw you hooking up?
  20. Actually PT ,
    Yup I was there first it was a typical "must be fish there cause he's there thing" you know like driving by a bridge everyone is right there. Normally like some of you I walk a distance away and have it all to my self and usually the fish have to swim by me first anyway . as to mixing gear -- never If you are drifting and I have a fly rod I go somewhere else the different methods do not always mix with one annother . The exception was on the final hole up in sultan the gear guy was on the beach and I had waded to the sultan bar ,where I normally fish it , so there was no real chance of fouling each other On the kenai combat circus I always took the ferry across like everyone else but would walk a mile downstream near the powerlines and you had it all to yourself, but you kept a sharp eye out for oll brown and aury sleeping off his salmon dujour so to speak . As to reiter I have heard quite a bit about that placesome funny ,some dangerous but it is what you will find near an urban area and it looks easy , instead of getting to know the river. Lately I have been doing a lot of driving in that area whenI come over and found a few more places that would require wading to get to and due to that would recieve less pressure from the others. Hey 10 incher you have descibed it better than me . well enough ranting the war dept. is insisting on dinner out smitty

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