bubba r us day on the sky

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by sourdoughsmitty, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. What a bunch of self centered, better than thou, everyone else is an Idiot, fly fisherman bull-shit!

    Make me sad I'm even a part of fly fishing.
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  2. If you can get along with other anglers, Reiter isn't so bad. Haven't fished it in 10 plus years but used to have fun up there.

    Getting to know the river is great and all. But, our hatchery steelhead runs just don't hang out in the lower river like they used to. Fish used to be dumped in at different points making them more likely to hold downriver longer on their journey which inevitably ends up at Reiter. Now, on any freshet, fish from the saltwater make a bee line for Reiter and can be there within 24 hours. Getting to know the lower river is great in theory but most people just want the best opportunity to take something home. Fishing the lower river offers that to some extent but actually catching fish, especially these little 6# hatchery turds, makes the time and money spent a bit more palatable. They're hard enough to catch when there's only a few around but impossible when there's none.
  3. I bought a copy of the Rosetta Stone program to learn Bubbaeise..
  4. Hookd on foniks werkd fer me!
  5. Get out of here you knuckle-dragging, gear-chucking puke!!
  6. gee mark, I am sorry to hear that. I was born in MO. came to WA when I was 1. I speak bubba too. ya ever fish combat style? you should try it. lot's of fun but I don't fight, I can but I am too old and I don't pack a gun either. fly guy's aren't self centered, we just don't like too fish in a crowd. I sometimes gear fish and yep I combat fish, sometimes it's fun but man it can get to ya and ya want too go back to be alone. interesting to see a lot of bubba's fishin and trashin and all tangled up. later.

  7. I read what you wrote a few times and finally I understood what you were getting at, I mean at first glance it just seemed like you were ungrateful and mean, on the internet, to a guy who helped you out, but then I re-read, first with snark goggles on, still didn't get it, then with the Freud translator goggles, man it was like a scene from National Treasure, you know where Nicholas Cage puts on Ben Franklin's kick ass glasses and takes a real good look at the declaration of Independence and sees some freaky ass shit is down below Trinity church and all...

    You met a nice man, a stranger, who you charmed and were patient with and who even though you "didn't really want him to" you "let it happen" a man who "actually netted my fish" , ten incher, and it sounds like you had a fun time, and that you have done this so often that "this actually works more often than not" so much so that you "had to" give him your card so he could call you again....
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  8. You nailed it. I get on fine with anyone who doesn't judge me. That's a pretty profound criteria when you consider it. I prefer intelligent conversation to be sure. But finding someone who is smart and doesn't point out my obvious flaws is rare ;)

    EDIT: I just want to be sure no one thinks I'm trying to salvage a snarky post by acting saintly. I reserve judgment on an individual basis but I really don't like this sort of group in general. We have nothing in common. Morals, priorities, interests or mannerisms. There's just nothing to share other than pulling fish out of the water directly in front of us. That's usually enough. I'm always friendly at meetings and amicable with agreements to disagree on almost anything. I don't need to like someone as long as they extend the same courtesy. It's the least strangers can expect of each other but more rare than it should be.
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