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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Gary Thompson, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. I went to Omak lake on Wednesday and Thursday this week and checked off one more of those cutthroat trout on the bucket list.
    The Lahontan cutthroat.
    What an awesome fish.
    On Wednesday I caught 5 on a #14 black snow cone, then the breeze quit and no more bites.
    Thursday morning I tried the snow cone again and on had one bite.
    I switched to a heavy cone head black bugger tied with some flash and caught two. The third fish was caught on a Crazy Charley. Yes a Crazy Charley, just like fishing for bone fish. Pods of cutthroats, white sandy flats, blue skies, hot sun shine. I'm going back.
    These fish seem to get hip real quick and changing flies was the key to getting more bites.
    Smallest trout was about 14" and the largest was about 25" the others were between 17" and 20".
    The small one took to the air many times where all the others were like bull dogs, short runs and heavy pulling and would not give up until the last min. then raced away after being released.
    The place was "beer can beach and I shared it with only two other fly fishers on Thursday morning.
    Good times.
  2. Well we all love a successful fishing report, nice to hear.
  3. Thanks for the idea Gary. My bucket list has been getting shorter, and since I don't yet want to kick the bucket, I need to keep adding things to it.

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  4. While we're at it, as a pleasant cerebral exercise, let's define and refine the criteria for bucket list fishing. Most of us have vague lists of places we'd like to fish. But in general, most of these are places where, if the fishing is as good as anticipated, we'd plan to return there repeatedly. No, a bucket list destination is one that, even if the fishing is great, we don't expect to be able to go back, due to distance, expense, advancing age or deteriorating health. A bucket list destination is one that, in our minds, is important enough to define our fishing career, one that, once done, we can say, to ourselves and others: "All right; I've Seen the Elephant."
  5. Excellent, Gary.
  6. No Russians poaching like on Friday? I'm sure others will read this post and be there in short order.
  7. Great water with a good report.
  8. Defining and refining a "bucket list" is to me an on going ordeal.
    If I never get to catch another Lahontan cutthroat I'm good with that.
    On the other hand I saw fish that could go in the double digits. So now My goal will be to catch an even bigger Lahontan cutthroat.
    Just saying
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  9. Are you sure the Russians weren't working on their "bucket" list?
  10. I think "Enlightened " needs to give you the racial profileing speach
  11. It may not be PC, but I'm still going to call every single person I hear speaking ruskie in. I might feel bad if they're legit, but I don't forsee that ever happening. The local game wardens share my sentiments.
  12. The residents of Coulee City feel the same way as well and are tired of them brandishing pistols to ward others away from thier ice fishing hole. Finally one resident showed up with his SKS and a 50 rd drum and they suddenly became very friendly.
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  13. You Fellas are way more serious about your fishing than I'am
  14. Where do you go to get your tribal license?? Sounds like a fun camp/fish trip :)
  15. Query Colville Indian fishing license vendor locations and that will lead you to what you want. There's more than one vendor.
  16. Thanks
  17. Gary I'm surprised that with as much as you are at RF that you've never caught a Lohonten at Lenore up the street. Congrats on a great outing and thanks for the report.
  18. Nothing serious about me since I don't live in Coulee City nor would I ever brandish a gun in a nonlife threatening situation.

    I did mount Gink seeking missiles on my pram in case I need to clear a path to fish my favorite spots at Dry Falls :)
  19. I got my "tribal lic." at Wal-Mart in Omak, many other venders also.
    I have fished Lenore a few times, no hook ups, lack of elbow room, lack of fish, who knows the reason for not hooking up a Lake Lenore.

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