NFR Burkheimer spey talk and pictures.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by liltanker32, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Brian Thomas

    Brian Thomas Active Member

    I read somewhere that is an outfit called Pure Fishing .

    I can NOT see how this is going to be good for Hardy , unless Pure Fishing has real deep pockets , and a willingness to finance and let Hardy do what Hardy does best .
  2. James Waggoner

    James Waggoner Active Member

    Just one of my favorite Burkheimers. Fantastic rod...Thanks Rob for getting her back together again!
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  3. liltanker32

    liltanker32 Member

    alright I am a burkheimer nut now. I think im gonna buy a seven weight for nymphing steelhead and trout. that means I now need a hatch 7 plus. good god this is getting expensive quick. oh well if I dont spend my money who will.
  4. Jack Devlin

    Jack Devlin Active Member

    What do you Burkie fans think about an 8134 4 piece for Kodiak steelhead? Other suggestions, recommendations?