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  1. Fished with a 7134-4 burke classic yesterday...

    Feels like a very fast rod but with feel, very light in hand..

    I tried a 540 as recommended by the site but went to a 570 compact skagit as was also recommended by guys who fish or own them...and that was a much better fit IMHO...

    So spent the day with it...enjoyed it and got out to 18 strips of running line (non mono) relatively consistently...

    I sure seemed like I was working hard with that rod though..and should admit, I am a Meiser ho for rods....comparatively this burkie in hand feels closer to one of bob's 6/7 mks rods then the 7/8...

    I've read that burkies give this "Whomp" feeling which I can't say I noticed, fast rod this...

    Don't know what to think really...Liked fishing a rod this light that will handle big fish...did enjoy it..but felt like I was really missing something with the casting part...

    Thinking it has something to do with how I cast and tried slowing down, speeding up etc. but never got it completely dialed in...

    Think this rod might be one wicked scandi and dry line rod...and wonder what others experiences are with that?

    Not happy looking at my buddies smiling like sharks in the water thinking their sorry asses are getting another one of my cast offs...bastards know me to well...but I want to grow as a caster and not get locked in on one thing if I can...and the cheap pricks won't pay me what I spent anyways...:beathead:

    So any burkie owners, your input would be greatly appreciated..
  2. that rod rocks with a compact 540 or 510 scandi 570 in my opinion is too much... 570 is what loads the 8wt
  3. Dude your bombing that thing out there, just need another couple days with it.
  4. What are you looking for? Something to fish 570gr skagit heads? If so, call Kerry and talk with him about what you want, he'll build it just like Meiz will. If you're happy with what you're fishing, keep fishing it! If you want to grow as a caster I'd suggest investing in lessons and/or changing styles and fishing different famlies of lines vs. buying a 'different' model in the same gene pool.
  5. I think it was the trail mix - it threw your timing off a touch.:beer1:
  6. Brian From Burkheimer says the 7134 with the compact 570 is DA BOMB.
    I don't own any Burkies but I've cast and fished most of them-Great rods.
  7. I wish I was a Burkie owner. I've been eye balling those for some time now. Even went by the shop, talked to them about rods, and saw some of their amazing higher end builds. I would be scared to fish those things they looked so nice. I've been thinking about an 8 weight lately. Not so sure I want to stick with my z axis 8129...but that might just be the antsy pants talking.
  8. I can honestly say I may never buy anything other than Meisers and Beulahs ever again. I love the builds, flexes and they just seem "right".

    Stick to what you like Paul. Nothing wrong with all those Meisers.
  9. The 7134-4 is an astonishingly powerful rod for its line weight, it fishes really nice with a Compact 540 Skagit. I am considering trying out the shorter Winter Authority lines on this rod. Timmy A. cast this rod and he thought it was incredible.
  10. What am I looking for? Thought that was as clear as the summer sauk....I'm asking how you cast these fast rods???

    Actually talked with Josh down at flyfishusa who is a good cat and lets me waste his time talking fishing for longer then anyone at a shop should have to listen too..He owns these rods as well and explained that with faster rods you have to make a more powerful high stop...I found with a cackhanded cast this works well and after a bit the snap T from the otherside pimped it out pretty decent...the double spey which is my nefarious. I have trouble getting as tight of loop as I'd like out there...could be not a powerful enough stop...could be with a 13' rod 15' tips won't work as well as, say 13' ones...

    So with his suggestions I've got something to work with, shorten up a couple heavier tips so the weight is the same as my 15' ones...and work on a higher stop with some snap to it...

    flybc that you Yee? Tim told me you were using the 570 on your stick...lol...g.d. towely ..

    Nothing wrong with my Meisers Erik, love um, love how they cast and fish...just finding myself so locked in on the mks I can't seem to cast anything else like them....Nice to fish something else and try and figure out a different stroke on it...

    Last but not least, Josh said this rod is exactly what I figured from casting it....A sweet ass scandi and dry line rod...I can't wait to throw one on there...as that part of it I can figure out..

    Thanks guys!!!
  11. p.s. STewie...is a sneaky bassturd...d.s.'d me and smiled his rumblestiltskin ass off doing it too..

    Missed a couple guys up there...how bout a Jan. 1 fish out up there??
  12. Re: Burkie owners...
    I can honestly say I may never buy anything other than Meisers and Beulahs ever again. I love the builds, flexes and they just seem "right".

    Stick to what you like Paul. Nothing wrong with all those Meisers.

    The Burkheimers are the most refined rods ever build. Kerry knows more about blank designed/rolling and rod building then all other guys combined.

    The rods you have mentioned have to much flash which can be tempting....
  13. The Burkheimers are the most refined rods ever build. Kerry knows more about blank designed/rolling and rod building then all other guys combined.

    The rods you have mentioned have to much flash which can be tempting....[/QUOTE]

    Just like my Sprewell Spinners on my F250 in 24" or my Diamond Rolex, maybe my Vintage Hardy with the 24K finish? Flash - blah.. take a look at a presentation or Vintage Burkie, that's flash.
  14. I own 3 Burkies 8141-4 the 7127-4 and a single the new 10ft. 8wt. DAL {deep action load}. All are the classics. They are too tempting and I cant quit fishing them. That little 7 wt. is a rocket. Kerry is a super nice person, as well as the rest of his crew.
    I am just a bit above and below your particular rod wt. I will attest that they cast so smooth that it took me a while to pick the line that I liked the best. They are rather forgiving.
  15. ake a look at a presentation or Vintage Burkie, that's flash.

    The difference between Vintage and Classic are wood reel seat, guides and few discrete details. Look at others and they are like a Christmas Tree.

    Have you seen Kerry on blogs and website like this talking about his rods ????

    So often people complain that Burkie Rods are not so pretty like others. Guess what, Burkie rods are the ultimate fishing machines with soul, performance and feel, not a Christmas Tree decoration.
    What you may find that every Burkie rod, be it one of SH wt.5 ( they are over 40 tapers in wt. 5 category only) or DH rod, are refined to maximum perfection. Other manufacturers have just a few very good rods and the rest are a catalog filer.
  16. I was once of the opinion that the ideal 3X Skagit setup would be 2x for the head and 1X for the tip. Which meant, for my 13 ft rod, I would need to cut my 15 ft tips down to 13 feet. Then one day the light bulb went on when I realized those skagit compact heads are only 25 ft long. 13x3=39,,,25+15=40,,,close enough!

    For me,,,that equates to PITA! I don't want to suffer the frustration of having to figure out the timing of a different rod. I'm too old for that. I want to be able to enjoy every hour on the river, regardless of the rod. I want consistency.

    But, to each his own.
  17. Golfman your suffering from a classic case of MKSitis. Once one becomes used to casting a MKS its tough to pick up another rod and cast it. Classic symptoms are thinking about casting way to much and feeling you are working way to hard to make a good cast. Its a classic case. MKSitis works both ways. Ive seen Burkie owners pick up an MKS and instantly display classic symptoms of reverse MKSitis. Another dead giveaway is the puzzling look in there eyes and the shaking side to side of there head as they hand the rod back to you.
    While I havent cast the 7134 I have an 8141 and have cast several other Burkheimers. They are truly great rods. I think your just going to have to get your casting stroke dialed in and get in a groove with that rod. Ill bet it took you a little bit to get really comfortable with your MKS also. So spend some more time with it and see how it goes. Maybe it isnt a good rod for you and theres nothing wrong with that. And the only cure for MKSitis Ive found is to just keep fishing my MKSs'....... Kevin
  18. Salmo, don't go all snob bitch on us OK?...Kerry rolls his own blanks and makes the rods from scratch..yes that is a huge factor into what makes these rods so appealing...But don't think that makes The Roberto's of the world some kind of dumbasses...They know what blankatolligy just as much as Kerrydoes..

    What always bothers me is...I asked a pretty simple question...How do you burkie owners cast a faster rod? I honestly have to wonder if any of you who own these rods, do so for anything other then bragging rights!!! I know Yee knows how to cast..but WTF.....I'm no spey o rama guy but it doesn't take much talent to figure out this rod is a fast action scandi and dry line rod that does pretty damn well with a skagit too..

    The real difference between this rod and Bob's "christmas tree's" are the MKS will pimp out a skagit to the backing with less effort then the burkie......both rods will cast it to the backing knot in the right hands...a faster rod takes a more powerful stop and i.e. more power....
    With a scandi head or dry line IMHO and I could be wrong as I haven't tried one yet..but it feels like the burkie will have the edge over the MKS....both rods again will throw it to the backing knot...oh and I should add these are shooting heads and running lines so 140-150' not your 110' nextcasts...in the right hands..and here I think the action of the burkie would be a little bit better..

    the buttholes that feed me the 540 compact works great and no other.. makes me wonder if you can cast further then 70' and know dick about what your talking about or just happy lemingly follow what it says on the website? I ask this as I wonder if you've actually tried any other lines on there? If you have why would you think that the 570 which loads the rod better and makes casting easier and longer be a bad choice?

    Again, what am I missing here...I'm asking as I was hoping someone might come back with..."this faster action rod will work better if you tighten up your cast and use a shorter more powerful stroke" Something like that would have been great....

    I use what works for me...but I also don't want to be some old toad who only casts one stick because that's all I can..growing as a fisherman and caster hopefully doesn't have to end as you get older... I want to still be out there with the young guns throwing a decent line in the wind...when I'm an older fart...otherwise I may as well just grab my gear again and be happy just to out fish you...

    I don't get this arguing over which maker you think is the bigger spey god....wouldn't it instead be much better to just sit down between these two guys and listen to what and how's of their rod building experiences? I have tons of respect for both guys period...

    Casting tips appreciated...kindly keep the rest to yourselves though OK!!!
  19. Kevin...THANK YOU!!! was too busy blowing a gasket and missed your post first time around...That is EXACTLY what I'm thinking as well...
  20. I rarely use a Skagit head. Most of the time Scandinavian head and sometime mid-belly head. Burkie are brilliant when comes to angular change during for example Single Spey. Rods like 8134-4 or 9145-4 are more progressive then 3 pc rods but the blank still flex to the butt section.
    A 8139-3 Burkheimer was made for the first time in 2002 and MKS was later modeled on this rod; strong tip with solid flex in the butt. The difference is that non of MKS is so smooth and refined like 8139-3 or 7133-3.

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