Burlington Northern Trespass tickets

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  1. Anyone know if the railroad police are still patrolling the upper sky and giving out tickets for crossing the
    tracks. Everything from high bridge to sultan has the potential for a ticket because you have to cross the
  2. Will be interesting to see where this goes. Railway right always are 'granted' by the RR .. if they so wish. Technically if you walk across one you are trespassing.
  3. An anti-trespassing bill was tried by the local railroads here in NH a few years ago. The legislature did not go along!
  4. Railroad police and tickets? That is lame.

    What are railroad police anyway? Are they real police? Do they actually have authority to give you a ticket?
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  6. Just so people understand that Burlington Northern and Snohomish county police went down and ticketed everyone on the wrong side of the tracks
    on the back side of the Wallace at Startup on Sunday. Probably what this means even if they did not see you cross the tracks but saw you on the river you were on rr property. 15 or 20 years ago the BN had a sting and filled up a school bus with people walking the tracks down to the mouth of the Wallace.
    Not fun
  7. I dont fish up there, this story is a buzzkill. :(
  8. Simply crossing the tracks is illegal?
    Weird, I climb at Index Town walls and you have to cross the tracks to get to the cliff, been that was for years and no issues. Why the difference?
  9. this news means that I have been a habitual criminal most of my life !!!
  10. It might be legal, but that doesn't make it right. Screw BN! Oh, and UP THE REVOLUTION!
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  11. Just a quick note. You do not want to mess with RR cops. They can get real mean and nasty and there is no way you can hold them accountable.
    Look at the history of the RR. All I wanted to find out is if anybody has seen them since opening day on the back side of the Wallace. When I was a kid in
    Pa. we used to hop the freight trains to travel between Cresson, Galiznt, Lilly, and Poratge and the bulls would not hassle us. Go to Johnstown or Altoona
    and you could get hurt really bad. They killed several kids, treating them as hobos and nothing was every done.

  12. Railroad Bulls! I guess some things haven't changed since even the Great Depression. Time to learn the Hobo signs. Yikes!

  13. solitude at reiter yes
  14. Can you cross under the tracks? There are several large culverts that are passable to most human sized creatures.
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  15. LOL...let me know how that one turns out :)
  16. RR police are not to be taken lightly. They have big lattitude and minimal jurisdictional boundaries, if at all.

    Basically Federal agents, since their areas of patrol by nature cross state lines.
  17. the beauty of a boat
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  18. Wow I lost count how many times I crossed, and walked those tracks. Glad I bought a boat when I did.
  19. Holy shit I literally came here to post this. Fucking Gustapo chilling at access near the tracks tonight. They even said the parking lot we were in was rail property. Even if you walk on any of the pebbles around the track they can ticket you. She was in a full on Police SUV.

    Apparently some retard got clipped by a train last weekend. What I consider natural selection they consider a liability.

    Someone start a Kickstarter to build one of those animal tunnels that fits spey rods

    edit: to be fair she was really nice and apologetic, but its pretty lame.
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  20. The railroad police lady was nice and just doing her job. Apparently some dumbass got it by a train at Christmas tree hole so they are cracking down on railroad trespassers.

    I need a boat.
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